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by |January 30, 2012

Lose Weight Fast. Could there be a better title for a book? Who doesn’t want to lose weight fast? It may take us months if not years of eating too much and not moving our bodies enough to gain weight but once we finally get so sick of it that we want to do something about it, we want the extra weight gone as quickly as possible. And this is the reason that the various detox programs and any quirky, new weight loss regime, tablet, book or pill sell so well and make so much money – we want results, we want them now and we are willing to pay to get them.

Now trust me, if there really was an easy way to drop a few kg and keep them off with a minimum of fuss and effort, I would be first in line. The truth is though that while the scales may show a drop of a few kg if you are willing to drink juice, or a lemon drink or just shakes for a number of days in a row, we all know that these programs are just non sustainable. You follow them for a short period of time, get short term results and are inevitably back where you started.

And hence the reason that I decided to focus my latest work on losing weight quickly but doing it in a much better way than is promoted in the various extreme dietary regimes currently on the market. Lose Weight Fast gives you the honest truth about how you can lose weight quickly but also safely. Sure, you can drop a few kg quickly if you need to, but we are going to do it will real food, in a way that will not damage your metabolic rate, your health or your psychological approach to food and diets long term.

One of the main things I notice working with my weight loss clients is that they have no issue in sticking to a new program for a day or two, but once the weekend hits along with the various social occasions and non-controlled eating, things go off the rails. For this reason, within Lose Weight Fast we have also developed a range of different food programs to help you develop the key food and exercise habits that will help you to keep your weight under control, not just for a few weeks but for the rest of your life. For some of us this may take a few years of trying different diets, for others it may take 20 or 30 years and then there are those of us who may never feel as if we have gained control over our food and our weight no matter what age we are. If we then consider how much time and energy that we have wasted throughout the course of our lives worrying about weight, not know what to eat and when and trying endless diets with minimal results, it may be motivation in itself to bite the bullet and commit to a sound program that will let you take control of your weight once and for all.

Lose Weight Fast will help you get through a plateau, help you get back on track when things do go off the rails and guide you through the process of losing 2, 5 or even 30kg, now and in ten years should you still need the guidance. It will be your fast weight loss friend, your food and diet bible and most importantly it will not betray your body or your metabolism.

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Available: 1st February 2012

About the Author:  Susie Burrell completed both her nutrition and dietetics and psychology degrees at the University of Wollongong in 2000, and went on to complete Honours in psychology in 2002, in which she completed her thesis on childhood obesity and parenting styles.

Initially Susie worked as a community dietician at Fairfield Hospital for 3 years before obtaining the specialist obesity position at The Children’s Hospital in 2003, a position she has held since and is now regarded as an expert in the area of childhood obesity and the dietary management of insulin resistance.

Susie is a keen writer and since 2003 her work has appeared in a number of publications including The Daily Telegraph, Dolly, Cosmopolitan, Good Health, Parents, ALPHA and Runner’s World. Susie is currently writing a weekly column for The Sunday Telegraph in addition to regular pieces for Weight Watchers Magazine, Woman’s Day and Bicycling Australia. Susie is regularly approached for comment by the media on all areas of nutrition and presents regular segments on Today Tonight, Sunrise, TODAY and New Idea TV.

Susie is a qualified sports dietician and has worked with a number of elite level teams including the St George Illawarra Dragons, Sydney University Rugby, South Africa Blue Bulls and is the current consultant sports dietician at The Parramatta Eels Rugby League. Susie is also the proud consultant to leading supplement supplier Body Science.

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