Ultimate: The Complete Guide to UFC and Mixed Martial Arts by Jarrah Loh

by |November 2, 2011

Ultimate: The Complete Guide to UFC and Mixed Martial Arts, the full-contact combat sport that is taking the world by storm. Aimed at Australian MMA fans as well as newcomers, it combines photos, information and instruction like no other book, including:

how MMA became the world′s fastest-growing sport

big-name fighters, with a focus on the Aussies

the major players in the MMA business, including the UFC brand

the rules and fighting styles – traditional and non-traditional martial arts

a pictorial ′fight school′, with illustrations of basic techniques.

The author, Jarrah Loh is the editor of Australia’s number-one Mixed Martial Arts magazine Inside MMA, produced in association with Fight! Magazine USA, the world’s premiere Mixed Martial Arts magazine.

Jarrah has established himself in the Australian fight industry as a leading writer on the subject and has practised in various martial arts since a young age. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and daughter.

The must-have book for fans, Ultimate: The Complete Guide to UFC and Mixed Martial Arts, a comprehensive guide to the MMA phenomenon, both in and outside the cage.

Guilty pleasure of watching extreme violence

Todd Sampson
March 5, 2011

I’ve watched every Ultimate Fighting Championship fight in the past 10 years and last week I got to watch it gladiatorial-style, live in Sydney. I’m a big fan. But every fight I watch puts me through a range of emotions, leaves me wrestling with rational justifications as to why I love it, because at some level I have been socially conditioned to believe it’s wrong.

I’ve spent a large part of my life learning and teaching martial arts. I started karate at age eight, taught tae kwon do at university and went on to compete in judo and ju-jitsu. So I used to tell myself my attraction to UFC was a sporting interest. I could easily justify my obsession by arguing it’s about athleticism and strategy, which it is, but I’ve come to believe it is something more.

UFC is now the fastest growing sport in the world, streaming into half a billion homes, in 19 languages in more than 170 countries. In Australia, the UFC event had the fastest ticket sales ever – 19,000 tickets sold in 21 minutes. Many write it off as mindless violence, but its remarkable global success says something about who we are. Read more…

Todd Sampson is the chief executive of Leo Burnett Australia.

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