John Birmingham concludes The Disappearance Trilogy with Angels of Vengeance – available any day now

by |October 22, 2011

When you follow John Birmingham on Twitter you sometimes feel as if you are in the delivery room as he gives birth, screaming blue bloody murder, to his blockbuster novels. You’re not exactly the paediatrician nor the midwife offering practical assistance, you’re not even a member of the family standing anxiously by (you’re not even a third cousin twice removed)  – actually, to be honest, no one quite knows what you’re doing there in the delivery room, standing there awkwardly wearing your twitter handle. But no matter, when that fat squealing tome emerges, all sharp edges and explosions from the frightening recesses of John Birmingham’s creative womb, all is forgotten, for Birmingham has done it again. He has delivered.

The Disappearance Trilogy

Coming Soon,
Book Three…

Angels of Vengeance

This is the New World.

Born of chaos and madness.

Remember that if nothing else.

Jed Culver, President Kipper’s right hand man, knows that what is right and what is best are rarely the same thing. Can he go against the President’s wishes?

Mad Jackson Blackstone, rogue governor of the Republic of Texas, is slowly but surely destroying the new United States of America.

The time has come.

In New York, Caitlin Monroe came within a hair’s breadth of vengeance. Is her old nemesis still alive?

Lady Julianne Balwyn is being hunted in the grimy freeport of Darwin. Can she survive long enough to save her friends?

Sofia Pieraro is completely alone, revenge her only reason to stay alive.

This time it’s personal. The final battle to save America will not be fought with armies, but the choices of individuals, whose vengeance drives them to make the wrong decisions at the right time.

Available 1st November 2011

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Book Two…

After America

“Our world went to hell on March 14, 2003.”

Four years after an inexplicable wave of energy decimated the American mainland, and then just as inexplicably disappeared a year later, US President James Kipper is no closer to explaining the catastrophe to the traumatised survivors.

In a decaying New York City, an assassination attempt on the President prompts the suspicion that the looters overrunning Manhattan may be more organised and sinister than previously thought.

Working on a farm in Texas to earn his citizenship, Miguel Pieraro believes in the promise of the New America. That is until tragedy cuts through his family.

In the English countryside, Echelon agent Caitlin Monroe must once again fight for her life, a sharp reminder that her nemesis is active again.

Then out of the smoking ruin of the Middle East comes an enemy that will be Kipper’s toughest challenge yet. The battle for the Wild East is just beginning, but does this New America, and its gun-shy President, have the strength of will to destroy the past in order to save the future?

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Book One…

Without Warning

2003: In Paris, an assassin wakes from a coma. In Kuwait, American forces are assembled for their invasion of Iraq. In the pristine forest of the Cascades, a lone hiker watches a plane fly into the side of a mountain. And just north of the Equator, a modern-day pirate, a rogue Tasmanian, is witness to the unspeakable. A wave of inexplicable energy has slammed into America. And destroyed it. In one instant, all around the world, from Cairo to Canberra, things will never be the same.

Now, allied soldiers are fighting a war without command; a correspondent files a story for a newspaper that no longer exists. The line of Presidential succession is in tatters; the functioning remnants of government are in Pearl Harbor, Guantanamo Bay, and one desperate, isolated corner of the Pacific Northwest.

For the jihadists, Allah has performed a miracle. For Sadaam, it is a chance for revenge. Iran declares war, but on an America that doesn’t exist, except in the hearts and souls of the men and women who want it to. For US allies, Armageddon has arrived. Israel acts. Australasia, far from the noxious waste darkening Europe’s skies, beckons as a possible oasis.

Without Warning tells a fast, furious story of survival, violence, and a new, soul-shattering reality. Here is a world without its sheriff, its Great Satan, or its saviour…

An unknowable future struggles to be born.

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