My Life in Shorts: Thumps, Bumps and Dumps in the Valley of the Vines – A Childhood Memoir by H. G. Nelson

by |October 1, 2011

H.G. Nelson–arguably Australia’s foremost sports commentator, cultural critic and social observer–is a legend of the tinny transistor, the small screen and the mounting enclosure. But who is the man behind the mike?

In this blisteringly honest memoir, H.G. takes us back to his Barossa Valley roots and shows readers how a very different Australia shaped the ankle-biter who became the boy who grew into the teenager who fathered the legend. As an apprentice jockey riding nags saved from the abattoir, as an aspiring footballer for the Penrice Quolls and Moculta Parrots, as a contender in the famous Barossa Stuhl–the world’s greatest whistling competition–H.G. was blessed from birth. In this tell-all spray, he stands before the nation and reveals his formative years in unflinching pants-around-the-ankle detail.

If you’ve ever listened to H.G. Nelson and thought, “Where the **** does he come from?”, this books gives you the answer.

About the Author

H.G. Nelson is a leading expert on what happened in Australian sport this week. With his colleague, Rampaging Roy Slaven, he has presented programs on radio and television for two decades. The Dream, Club Buggery, This Sporting Life and The Life are a few of their successes.

H.G. is a great supporter of rugby league-inspired reading programs in primary school, V8 Supercar racing and boxing weigh-ins when a belt is on the line. He is a regular visitor to rural and regional football grounds where fans can sit in the car and honk the horn whenever points are scored.

Like many Australians, H.G. prides himself on maintaining a very high level of fitness on the off-chance that one of our top sides needs someone to fill a hole. He would be devastated if, when the national selectors called, he let the nation down because he was unfit.

This is H.G.’s fifth book; others include the bestselling Petrol, Bait, Ammo & Ice, The Really Stuffed Guide to Good Food 2006 and Sprays.

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