Lady Gaga Style Bible: The Unofficial Guide

by |August 14, 2011


LADY GAGA STYLE BIBLE is a rich, tantalizing, and fascinating guide dedicated to all aspects of Lady Gaga’s uncompromising, spellbinding and extraordinary visual artistry.

The book is a vibrant photographic fantasy storybook: it is part fashion show pictorial, part retrospective homage—a complete guide to Monster Fashion, literally categorized from A to Z.

Style subjects include “Attention to Detail”, “The Retro Nod”, “Hair and Hat” and “Meat and Greet”, an expansive look at her eye-popping Franc Fernandez designer creation, made from raw beef and worn at the 2010 VMA Awards.

Stunning photographs superbly document her unrivaled artistic craft—a perfect modern amalgamation of glam rock inspirations like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury and fashion influences Donatella Versace and Alexander McQueen. The images in this collection vividly capture Lady Gaga’s complex persona: undoubtedly riveting, provocative, and disturbing they show a beauty that comes from power and total confidence that draws the audience in and an ugliness and hardness that perplexes and fends off foes. Taken together they also provide a running commentary on the intersection of culture, sexuality, music, technology, and performance art.

This complete guide to Monster Fashion from A to Z is eminently illustrative of why she has become a superstar, icon and hero beloved by millions of fans worldwide. LADY GAGA STYLE BIBLE is an exceptional publication timed perfectly to capture a star at the ascendency of her career and at the forefront of an artistic revolution.

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David Foy is currently based in London in the world of publishing. As well as working on his blog, he has worked in diverse areas of the media over the last fifteen years including fashion retail for Pebble London and he also taught retail studies for the Academy of National Economy in Moscow.


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