Toni Whitmont review: Flipbacks are coming to a pocket near you.

by |May 24, 2011

If you’ve ever whined about how the Kindle, compact though it may be, doesn’t have the look or feel of a nice printed novel – put this in your pipe and read it: the newly invented “flipback” book. Released in Britain this summer, it is being touted as the, er, new Kindle: the tome that’s smaller and lighter than an e-reader, but made out of pages, not bytes.

It is all the rage in Holland, where it was introduced in 2009, and has since sold 1m copies. A version has just been launched in Spain, France is next, and the flipback reaches UK shores in June, when Hodder & Stoughton will treat us to a selection of 12 books. They will include David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and Stephen King’s Misery.

I am keen to see what the hype is about so I take a pre-released copy on my travels: Chris Cleave’s The Other Hand. Nearly 370 pages long in its original format, the flipback version has more than 550 – but still fits easily in my pocket. The book’s not called The Other Hand for nothing. It’s so small that I can perch it in one fist, and keep my other hand free for shopping. How? The paper is wafer-thin.

“Great for making rollies,” says my nicotine-addicted lunch date. More to the point, it’s also great for reading. Unlike an ordinary paperback, the book lies open without intervention on my part, due to its special spine.

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So much for the overseas hype. I have been carrying around one of these flipbacks for a couple of days and I have to say they are pretty special. Not much bigger than my iPhone, the flipback is built to last and it doesn’t leave you with a dislocated shoulder from lugging it around all day in your handbag. Small and perfectly formed, they are a winner in terms of convenience and style, but I am wondering if the reading public will want a correspondingly small and perfectly formed price, and this ain’t it.

You can see the range of flipbacks here

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, One Day, Cloud Atlas, A Million Little Pieces….all inside your pocket.

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