Clean Just About Anything for Next to Nothing by Cynthia and Alisa Mayne

by |April 14, 2011

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Welcome to the wonderful world of cleaning and the joy of working with ingredients that bubble and clean, glide and gleam, as you work your way around the house during the weekly clean.

Cleaning is a fascinating study of chemical action and reaction – from active to inactive, from dirty to clean. It’s also a great way to study nature’s amazing ability to effect change from the simplest of ingredients.

Don’t waste money buying expensive cleaning products from the supermarket, Cynthia and Alisa tell you how to get better results for less money, and it’s good for the environment too!

From the kitchen to the bathroom, from carpets to drains, How to Clean Just About Anything for Next to Nothing is your must have handy guide to money saving cleaning!

Cynthia’s been in the food industry for nearly 30 years.  She ran a Healing Foundation working with diet as preventative medicine.  She pioneered the organic industry and set-up the first 100% organic retail shop including bakeries, lecture rooms and snack bar.  Cynthia finds the food industry fascinating!  The research she has accessed outlines how we can all change our behaviour and health through diet.

Cynthia believed there is no coincidence that health and wealth are two similar words.

She has led a self sufficient lifestyle milking cows, making butter and cheese even shampoos and toothpaste.  She has also lived in suburbia, on an island, on mountain tops and considers her life to be a most fortunate one.

Alisa grew up in semi self sufficiency.  She has travelled the world (25 countries down and 30 to go!), and explored food from around the world, reading recipe books like most people devour novels.

She is currently involved in hospitality and teaches cooking.

Both of the ladies enjoy life to the fullest, and aren’t so much focused on budget, but more about taking control and having loads of money left over to fulfill our dreams and have lots and lots of fun.

Together they are planning research into the nutritionial value of foods and working towards a number of other books designed to help with specific health problems. They are excited about the new projects and will update the website as things happen.  So check back often!

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  • Marian Brown

    September 13, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    We have been using your dishwasher powder for some time know and are impressed by the results (page 32 of your book) however we have noticed that our cutlery takes on a bronze coloured sheen, this does not effect the taste or the surface.
    Picking up your book and looking for a solution I discovered the magic of hot water, salt and foil (page 71 refers), hey presto shiney (?) cutlery again. Thank you very much. PS Sunlight soap also works a treat.
    Marian and Michael Brown

  • October 18, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Do you have any good tips on removing permanent marker from carpet?

  • Barb

    September 21, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    Hi Guys, I have your cleaning book but I am in the caravan a long way frrom home. Got squid ink on my T shirt and not coming out with soakingg – help!
    Barb Benson

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