Does your mum love Elvis? We’ve just the thing… and it’s a bargain, too.

by |April 8, 2011

Wow! This is the ultimate Elvis book, with so much more than you can imagine. According to Elvis experts there are photos and personal details in this large hardcover volume that have never been published before. The most amazing gift for anyone who is an Elvis fan.

More than thirty years after his death, Elvis Presley remains indelibly etched into the American psyche.

As the Elvis of myth – an embodiment of the American Dream in the flesh – has become synonymous with Elvis the man, the subject of countless books, articles and songs, it has become increasingly hard to discern who Elvis really was.

By combining obsessive research with absorbing writing, Adam Victor, author of the bestselling The Marilyn Encyclopedia, sifts through the competing versions of events throughout Elvis’s life and traces a young man’s path to immortality. The Elvis Encyclopedia, the product of years of research, was created to help bring order to the massive amount of material written about Elvis Presley. In doing so, it stands as the most comprehensive book about his extraordinary life and legacy ever published.

The Elvis Encyclopedia is also a visual compendium of Elvis’s life, offering hundreds of photographs, ranging from never-beforeseen unposed moments to the extraordinary iconic images the world has come to love.

With this definitive one-stop resource, fans and scholars finally have easy access to all of the information on Elvis’s life and times, testing what is real against legend. The facts are represented in full – a childhood mired in poverty, his unstoppable rise to the top with over 150 gold, platinum, or multi-platinum albums, 31 feature films, and 14 Grammy awards, his marriage to Priscilla, his early death. Entries cover every significant aspect of Elvis and his world from family members, lovers, benefactors, mentors, agents, directors, co-stars, and coaches.

Complete with cross-referencing and a comprehensive bibliography, The Elvis Encyclopedia surpasses everything that has come before it. It is a true testament to the legend that is Elvis Presley.

Author Biography: Adam Victor is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, and a translator. He appeared in and was a consultant on the E! True Hollywood Story entitled “The Loves of Marilyn Monroe”.

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