The Land of Painted Caves – three customers get the series for free

by |April 6, 2011

Most of you would already have received your copy of The Land of Painted Caves by now and many of you would have read consumed it. Of course, we have plenty in the warehouse if you are one of the few people on the planet who isn’t excited about the finale of this long running series.

Now for some fun. Way back when we asked people to respond to the question If you were the first person in the world to speak, what would be your first sentence? If you don’t understand the question, you need to start the series at the beginning, The Clan of the Cave Bear.

Congratulations to Beth Grace and the staff of Wollondilly Library and Information Services, NSW, Leiani Fisk of Pearsall, WA and Tanya Fischer of Lavington, NSW.

And what were their answers?

“Let there be light, I will call the light day and the darkness night and this will be the first day and could somebody please tell me if my bum looks mammoth in these furs!”

(Beth Grace  et al)

“Great Mother, what a wonderful world you have created for your children.”

(Leiani Fisk)

“Ok, we’ve mastered the art of conversation; now we must develop a functional (preferably phonetic) writing system, because I’m desperate to read a good book!”

(Tanya Fischer)

To read more about the series, go here.

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