Kate & Wills Up the Aisle by Alison Jackson- for monarchists and republicans alike

by |April 6, 2011

Forget about Andrew Morton’s book. Don’t worry about Royal Weddings for Dummies. If you want THE definitive, behind the scenes look at wedding preps, stag and hen’s nights, right down to a few unfortunate mishaps on the day itself with both wayward princelings and the odd horse, you have got to get Kate & Wills Up the Aisle by Alison Jackson.

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This is a particularly clever, particularly well done spoof on the event that seems the only bright spot around a globe dominated by natural disasters and despotic regimes gone feral. Kate & Wills Up the Aisle (which hopefully soon will be followed by K&W Up the Duff) is a hardcover photographic memento which has been lovingly put together with royal look alikes (or possibly clones given their uncanny similarity) in a full volume of edge to edge photo spreads which starts with Queen Liz having her morning cuppa in bed with cat and corgi and ends with a rather tired and emotional Harry passed out on the stairs, bottle of champers in hand. Along the way we are treated to Camilla getting off a few unwanted pre-wedding kilos on the vibrotrainer, Kate having grouse plucking lessons (or possibly something else) with her almost mother-in-law, the happy couple in bath towels practicing their curtsying, plus some rather (ahem) more intimate ones involving body waxing and wayward princelings with various bridesmaids. And a rather well endowed horse.

Why should monarchists be the only people to commemorate this impending happy event? This book is for republicans, iconoclasts, people concerned about the cult of celebrity and anyone with a sense of humour who doesn’t blush easily.

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Author and contemporary artist Alison Jackson has made somewhat of a name for herself with her fake celebrity portfolios. What she is interested in is exploring our obsession with people that we don’t know. She is all about humanising the famous and well, she has completely succeeded in humanising Kate and Wills.

From the publisher:

This book is the ultimate behind-the-scenes, upstairs downstairs look at the Middleton-Windsor romance in the lead up to the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate. Alison Jackson’s photographs reveal all, providing a glimpse into all the events we have imagined but never thought we would see.

This largely chronological retelling of the romance of Wills and Kate and the run-up to the Royal Wedding will include pictures of the genealogical background of the two sides; details of the early days of their courtship; of how the romance blossomed then briefly faltered, and of the endless waiting for Kate – the ring-gazing, gym regime, deportment and daily wash and blow. Then there will be Wills’ inability to pop the question; Kate’s disappointment, his discussions with brother Harry and his preparations for the proposal and behind-the-scenes practice put in for the public announcement.

Not to mention the fun of the wedding preparations; drawing up the guest list, designing the menus and picking the wedding dress, while a variety of celebrity guests – including Elton John, the Beckhams and Cheryl Cole – choose and try on their outfits for the special day. We have the stag and hen nights; the arrival of the gifts from heads of states from around the world; and, of course, the shots of the The Big Day that you simply won’t see anywhere else.


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  • April 23, 2011 at 3:45 am

    I’ve also just done a project on celebrating people we don’t know. I love Alison Jackson’s stuff as well 🙂

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