Flood: Stories and images from the ABC of survival, loss and courage during the Queensland floods

by |March 28, 2011

In Flood, the ABC’s best journalists and photographers bring you a moving account of the devastating Queensland floods, and a tribute to the bravery of individuals and communities. All royalties donated to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal

The Queensland floods of 2010-11 wreaked untold destruction, with three-quarters of the state declared a disaster zone. But out of the devastation to lives and property we have seen countless examples of the bravery and selflessness of individuals, and of communities banding together.

With its extensive network of regional and metropolitan reporters, the ABC was on the ground when the floods hit, often getting first access to inundated towns and communities. As Premier Anna Bligh writes in her Foreword, ‘The ABC played an incredibly important role during the flooding disaster, broadcasting regular updates across the state.’ The events that ABC journalists witnessed, the people they met, and the extraordinary stories they were told are now captured in 14 poignant essays and hundreds of unforgettable images.

From Emerald and Rockhampton to Brisbane and Grantham, this is a moving account of one of our worst natural disasters in living memory. It serves not only as a record of the floods and their impact on both small towns and cities, but as a lasting testament to the courage and strength of the people of Queensland.

All royalties from Flood will be donated to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

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