Those in Peril by Wilbur Smith

by |March 11, 2011

I have been selling Wilbur Smith novels for nearly twenty years and I have come to the conclusion that there is no typical Wilbur Smith reader. Anyone can get the Wilbur Smith bug. Anyone, and at any age. I’ve known teens who have made their way though the entire Wilbur Smith backlist. I’ve had dinner with toffs who drop the elitist claptrap and break into sentimental reminisces at the mere mention of Smith’s Elephant Song. I’ve sold Wilbur Smith to men and to women, the young and the old, the silly and the wise.

Wilbur Smith’s novels are appealing. His stories range far and wide – in time and space, from present day to Ancient Egypt. They are a perfect escape and that is why he has topped the bestseller lists for nearly fifty years.

Those in Peril is an outstanding adventure from one of the world’s best loved storytellers.

About Those in Peril : Hazel Bannock is the heir to the Bannock Oil Corp, one of the major oil producers with global reach. While cruising in the Indian Ocean, Hazel’s private yacht is hijacked by African pirates. Hazel is not on board at the time, but her nineteen year old daughter, Cayla, is kidnapped and held to ransom. The pirates demand a crippling twenty billion dollar ransom for her release. Complicated political and diplomatic considerations render the civilized major powers incapable of intervening.

When Hazel is given evidence of the horrific torture which Cayla is being subjected to, she calls on Hector Cross to help her rescue her daughter. Hector is the owner and operator of Cross Bow Security, the company which is contracted to Bannock Oil to provide all their security. He is a formidable fighting man. Between them Hazel and Hector are determined to take the law into their own hands.

If you haven’t read a Wilbur Smith novel before, Those in Peril is a perfect place to start – it’s fresh off the press, contemporary and thrilling. If you have a read Wilbur Smith, I have no need to say anything because you’ve probably already added the book to your shopping cart!

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  • Ande Finn

    April 13, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    I am a addicted to Wilbur Smith’s books from the first one I read when I was 16 (Falcon Flies). I have read and reread River God and Warlock a dozen times each. Recently my partner started downloading audio books for his ipod on long journeys. I begged him to put River God and Warlock on his ipod. To my horror they were only part of these brilliant books, 75% of the books were not included. It destroyed the story and left a sour taste in my mouth.

  • November 21, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    ‘Those in Peril’ has been a huge disappointment for me, an avid Wilber Smith reader. I have difficulty believing he actually wrote the book. Is he getting too old, or is he using someone else to write for him? I would do anything to see another book come out of his literary stable, that is of the same standard as his earlier books. Assegaai was a step down from his usual genius; but this latest book is a disaster. Please Wilber, don’t let us down. Give us another winner before you stop writing.

  • Bob Robertson

    December 14, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    I have recently read an Andy McNab novel regarding a Somali pirate kidnapping and ransom demand which his character Nick Stone resolved after many adventures .I fear that this line of story has been done already.

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