Mia Culpa: Confessions from the Watercooler of Life by Mia Freedman

by |February 1, 2011

We have a little bit of a crush on Mia Freedman here at Booktopia, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’, and by ‘little’ I mean ‘big’, and by ‘crush’ I mean she’s taken out a restraining order… Kidding. (She’s filed one, it hasn’t been accepted. I’ll have my day in court…)

And why Mia Freedman? Because she’s smart, funny, gorgeous, perky, serious-minded,  quick witted, warm, giving, clever and… other stuff too that I can’t recall at the moment.

If you don’t know who Mia is – and yes, I’m to talking to you in the back – get with the program. Look, I’ll give you two minutes to check out her website – mamamia.com and to follow her on Twitter.

Are you back? Yes, yes, the woman who always gets the better of that Karl Stefanovic fellow on TV.

We have exciting news – Mia has written another book: MIA CULPA. (Out Now!)

What’s Mia Culpa all about?

The publisher says… Mia Freedman has a knack for capturing the concerns, obsessions, passions and co-habitation rules of women and all the things that annoy or perturb them. She has an ear for the pressure points of life, whether it’s children, husbands, parents, friends or jobs. And the great thing is that, like most women, she doesn’t have all the answers.

With chapters such as Does My Bum Look Old in This? Life with Children, I Used to Be Cool Too, and The Sex Gap, Mia nails life as it really, really is. To order your copy click here.

If you’re really and truly behind the times and you want to get back up to speed in one go, let me recommend you read this…

Mama Mia : A Memoir Of Magazines, Men And Motherhood

Having babies can be hard. Having a career can be hard. Having a successful relationship can be hard. But all three at once?

This is not a book about having it all. Or not having it all. When she became an editor at 24 and had a baby nine months later, Mia Freedman simply knew she wanted to be successful at everything she did, at home and at work. And then she woke up. Over the next decade she would experience the giddy highs and guilty lows of being a working mother.

She would manage a staff of 70 but forget to pick up her son from after-school care. Twice.

She would create sealed sections by day and read bedtime stories by night. She would wear a maternity bra under fashion-forward clothes that would make her look like a lactating cast member from Cirque du Soleil. She would rock the magazine world by using larger models and then be blasted by some feminists for not doing enough.

Newspaper columnist, author and former magazine editor Mia Freedman has been called the voice of her generation, and in Mama Mia she writes candidly about the myth of perfection so many high profile women try to maintain. From the heartbreak of infertility to the joy of pregnancy this book is about being a wife, mother, friend, daughter, boss, employee and media personality — all at once.

It’s about kicking big life goals early and often, and the surprising things that happen when you walk away from everything you thought you wanted.

So that’s that. If you’re online all the time and you don’t know who Mia Freedman is, well, it’s obvious you’re only visiting naughty sites and you should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone else has already clicked on the ‘To order your copy click here‘ link above and are filling in their credit card details. Don’t miss out on your copy. Get to it.


Mia has answered my TEN TERRIFYING QUESTIONS – click to read them

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