Dannii Minogue: My Story (The perfect Xmas gift for any Dannii fan)

by |November 10, 2010

Dannii Minogue first appeared on television aged seven. She signed her first record deal at the age of seventeen and ever since she has been wowing audiences around the world with her charm and her charisma. The daughter of a dancer mother, Dannii found the spotlight early and discovered a passion for entertaining that has never faded.

After early soap opera appearances, including Home and Away, a string of chart hits in the early 90s (Love And Kisses, Success, Jump To The Beat, Baby Love, This Is It . . .) launched Dannii as an established pop singer before she then re-invented herself as one of the world’s most popular female dance acts. Most recently, she has found a new army of loving fans as a judge on The X Factor, where she has charmed audiences with her sincerity, compassion and warmth. Her recent emotional Piers Morgan interview was watched by a record-breaking six million viewers.

In this very personal and uplifting autobiography, Dannii talks openly for the first time about the highs and lows of her 30 year career; her marriage and subsequent divorce to Julian McMahon; the trials and tribulations of her role as an X Factor judge; her relationship with sister Kylie and, of course, becoming a mother. Explosively revealing, Dannii Minogue: My Story is set to be the autobiography of the year.


* Full Name: Danielle Jane Minogue.

* Born: October 20, 1971, in Melbourne, Australia.

* Eye Colour: Blue Eyes.

* Height: Five feet two inches.

* Family: Her mum, Carol, was a dancer with a ballet company before she married Dannii’s dad, Ron. Her older brother, Brendan is a TV cameraman, and we all know who her sister, Kylie is.

* Hobbies: Rollerblading, clubbing, working out, reading & watching movies.

* Dannii’s favourite albums of all time: The Big Blue Soundtrack, The Best Of Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonders’ Songs in the key of Life & Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite.

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* Dannii used to be a vegan, but now is a fishetarian / vegetarian (that means she’s essentially a veggie but eats fish too!)

* Dannii loves snakes. “Yeah, they feel good, they’re all soft. In fact, they’re great – except when they bite you!” but is very afraid of spiders!!!!

* Dannii’s very eco-friendly. “If I go into anyone’s house, I always bug them and ask if they’re using environmentally-sound washing-up liquid. And I recycle all my rubbish, and try to conserve water and electricity. I always turn off lights, and I always turn my stereo off.”

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