Hey, You in the Black T-Shirt by Michael Chugg

by |October 14, 2010

An Australian music industry legend, Chuggi has been promoting, managing, courting, bullying and championing rock acts for over 40 years.

Hey, You in the Black T-Shirt is his story…

From the ridiculous to the sublime. From down and dirty rock ‘n roll mayhem to million dollar deals with industry heavyweights. From gossip and desperation to undeniable truth and outrageous fortune…Chuggi has been there, done that.

Michael Chugg was only fifteen years old when he began managing and promoting artists in his hometown of Launceston, Tasmania. That was in 1962. Fast forward to the present, and ‘Chuggi’, as he is affectionately known, is a pioneer in bringing the newest, biggest and baddest musical acts to Australia.

Back in the day, Chuggi was there for the explosion of overseas stars touring in Australia, working with acts such as Fleetwood Mac on their 1977 ‘Rumours’ tour, Frank Sinatra, Guns n’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, The Police, Richard Clapton, Gary Glitter, AC/DC, Roy Orbison, Billy Thorpe, The Skyhooks, David Bowie, ABBA…the list is endless.

Chuggi quickly developed a reputation as a hard-arse, often walking on stage to shout down the crowd or pull the talent into line. He is a man who doesn’t mince words and in Hey, You in the Black T-Shirt, he shares every shocking detail about what goes on behind closed doors when big international acts come to town.

Hey, You in the Black T-Shirt documents 40 years of music history in Australia as Chuggi shares stories of touring the world’s biggest bands. Finally, the vault has opened up on the antics and the politics of a time when pop culture really was changing the world, a personal life rocked by the demands of non-stop touring, and a reflection on the heady days of an exciting and pioneering music industry in Australia.

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