The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory

by |August 23, 2010

Gregory has long dominated women’s historical fiction genre and titles such as The Other Boleyn Girl have had a big following both on the page and on the screen. She moved to another level last year however when she released The White Queen. Here at Booktopia, our customers couldn’t get enough of it. Stand by then for its sequel, The Red Queen, again presented as a very attractive hardback (at a very attractive price).

The reigning queen of historical fiction, Gregory continues the story of The Cousins War from the side of the house of Lancaster. The Red Queen features many of the same characters that we met in The White Queen, but focuses on Margaret Beaufort, mother of the soon to be Henry VII.

We have the book trailer and more details here, but anyone who has read a Gregory won’t need any second urging.

The Red Queen will be available after September 1 and can be pre-ordered now.

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  • August 28, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    We were lucky enough here in the uS to get The Red Queen last week. I’m a Gregory fan, rushed out and bought it, and was not disappointed. Not her best (I still like The Other Boleyn Girl the best, which was the first one I read), but very good. What’s new — for Gregory — is that she manages to build a novel around a largely unsympathetic character yet keep the reader engrossed. I wrote about it in my blog at

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