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by |August 19, 2010

Well, I had no idea the affection with which the  Popular Penguin is held, and the special place people reserve for it in their lives. Our recent competition broke all of our records. We received hundreds and hundreds of  entries.  Please excuse me as it certainly wasn’t possible to answer all of your, often very personal and revealing, emails.

I can finally announce the names of all four of the lucky readers. They each now have a very fabulous 20 volume library OF THEIR CHOICE comprising those alluring orange and cream classics.

The winners are Faye O’Brien of Sandhurst VIC, Maggie Kenworthy of Seven Mile Beach TAS,  Felicity Kerkham of Waitara, NSW and Tanya Fischer of Lavington, NSW.

To enter the competition, each person had to explain which Popular Penguin they were most looking forward to reading. The most witty answer was from Tanya Fischer with this gem.


Skilled synopsis:  ‘One Hundred

Great Books in Haiku‘.

As for the most poetic, it would have to be Melissa Angelo from Ermington, NSW

The one I look most forward to, with my youngest girls in tow,
Is to sit and read the story of that youthful Beatie Bow.
Read in high school once beforehand and wishing it was mine,
I would like to engage my children in its wondrous storyline.
Early Sundays we shall read it, all snuggled in my bed,
While the spark of imagination in their minds begins to spread.
And flowing like a dream from a never-ending flight.
They too will then sit down, and scribe words into the night.

Now to some others.

I’m sitting in my tiny rented room in a share house conscious that without this place which I’ve eked out for myself, I’d be unlikely to be able to write my postgrad dissertation. As such I’m looking forward to reading Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” which will hopefully stop me from feeling sorry for myself, and inspire me to write something with the thinking-space I have.

(Veronica Clipsham – Dulwich Hill NSW)

I love books and read anything from popular fiction to science fiction but also love the classics and look forward to reading “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert.

(Judith Worth – Forth TAS. I had to put that in because I love Mme Bovary myself)

Well, as strange as it may seem, the Popular Penguin I am most looking forward to reading is one that I’m not going to let myself read for a few years yet. A Clockwork Orange – a classic yes, but the shock of it may be slightly too much for my teenage mind. I saw the movie The Shining last year and LOVED it and I believe A Clockwork Orange (the movie that is) was done by the same person. Well, I saw one ad for it and I was instantly fascinated. I’ve had an irrational obsession with the book/movie ever since so even though I will be waiting a while, I cannot wait to read A Clockwork Orange!!

(Maddy March-Amberly – Wemberley Downs WA)

The Popular Penguin I am most looking forward to reading is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol because although I know the story well from the numerous retellings in American sitcoms of my youth*, Ihave never actual read it. I abhorred David Copperfield, which was required reading for high school English, but I am willing to give Charles another shot. Plus, I understand this one is a lot less long-winded.
*personal favourite: Alex P. Keaton as Ebenezer Scrooge in a Family Ties Christmas episode.

(Janice Boughton – Kealba VIC)

The Popular Penguin that I’m most looking forward to reading is Dracula. Can’t wait to curl up by the fire on a cold, dark winter’s night and proceed to scare myself silly.

(Nicole Moore – Castlemaine VIC)

The book I’m most looking forward to reading (apart from Mother Tongue) is One Hundred Great Books in Haiku. War and Peace in 17 syllables? I’d like to see that!

(Diane Berry – Howath TAS)

The book I am most looking forward to reading was a hard choice as really when you choose 20 books for a “wish list” each one has some significance as to why you chose it. There would probably be a few out of the twenty I’m looking forward to reading, but if one had to stand out it would be “Crimes Against Humanity“. As this subject regarding the Human Rights movement is a significant subject in our present time, I feel it will be an engrossing and captivating read.

(Scott Dalgleish – Cronulla NSW)

I am looking forward to reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets (and all of Jane Austin’s novels).  Many, many times I have heard it mentioned in movies (as I am a great movie buff – much quicker than reading when you are time sacrificed but you miss out on so very much more) and have always wanted a copy.

I really love the movies of Jane Austin novels but have NEVER read one of her books (you probably have passed out by now) which is really tragic.  I seem to have been very busy for many years and the time has just got away and I have only lately been able to really get stuck into reading again.

I am 44 years old and a mother of three sons aged 20, 18 and 10 (whom I am proud to say all LOVE reading). I work full time and live 5 minutes away from my work (so no reading on trains like a lot of people while travelling to work).  Now that my children are so much older I plan to make more time doing the things that I really want to do that I haven’t seem to be able to do for a very long time – I know (hopefully) I’m a bit early for a bucket list – but you need to start some time.

(Sharon Torpy – Wendouree VIC)

I am most looking forward to reading  ‘The Plague” by Albert Camus. Who would have thought that 40 years after leaving school I would be ordering this book?
The first time I read this was in a French class at school. We read it and acted out part of this in a play. I can’t wait to read it in English after all these years.

(Andree Lewis – Telopea NSW)

When I became a single mother to 4 boys, I re-evaluated many aspects of my life.  I decided to follow a dream to study literature. I had wanted to do this when I left highschool but it wasn’t an option then.  That type of study was for trust fund kids not those from working class backgrounds who needed employment as a priority.  I have now enrolled in a course and I am so excited. I also plan to read many other classics  from a wide variety of genres, cultures and eras.   I am looking forward to reading Congo Journey by Redmond O’Hanlon.  I enjoy reading accounts of journeys to areas I have never been and O’Hanlon portrayal of life along the Congo has been praised for its honesty and frankness.

(Lesley Needham – Kelso QLD)

The Penguin I’m very keen to read is a favourite:  Randolph Stow’s “The Merry Go Round in the Sea“. Have to say that apart from the wonderful memories of the West Australian brightly coloured bouganvillea, sea and sand and endless glaring light that it evokes for me, is the urge to scratch out the offending “by” on the cover’s title and replace it with “in”.
There would be turning in graves …

(Lisa Grant – Mawson ACT)

And finally, from Anita Naya of Coburg, Victoria

I am looking forward to reading Raffles so that I can go back to an age of innocence where crooks were gentlemen and used style as a weapon, not machine-guns.

Thank you for entering, one and all.

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