Quick Plug for a Forgotten Gem (Look Back in Anger by John Osborne)

by |July 23, 2010

Look Back in Anger

By: John Osborne

This is a play which is perfect for that ‘angry young man’ in your life – you know the fellow – he’s bit of an intellectual whose natural habitat is the café (he’d smoke but his mother won’t let him, so he has double espressos instead), he is fond of intense women who always carry a volume of Virginia Woolf’s diaries in their handbags and who invariably have dandruff, which in turn, invariably surprises him; he is that fellow who will not pass the time of day with small talk preferring instead to insist you read a passage from the book of political philosophy he has with him – the passage is underlined, and is incredible profound, apparently, but to you it seems impenetrable.

Look Back in Anger is perfect for that fellow and for anyone who loves brilliantly written, eternally relevant drama dealing with the frustration youth feels when faced with the seemingly unmoving minds/lives of their elders.

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