A Journey by Tony Blair

by |June 3, 2010

If you want to know what Tony Blair has been up to lately, in between weighing in on the Gaza blockade, helping Palestinians prepare for statehood, heading up both the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the Tony Blair Sports Foundation, and doing his bit to prevent climate change, it is waiting for the dust to settle on the recent British election so he can finish his memoir.

A Journey is going to be the political autobiography of the decade – unless of course Barak Obama or Osama Bin Laden get out their pens once they finally lose power. Under lock and key until its world wide release date on September 2, this memoir will reveal, in intimate detail, his unique political and personal journey. It will provide an insight into the man and the politician and will chart his successes,  controversies and disappointments with extraordinary candour.

According to the chairman and CEO of the Random House group, “Tony Blair’s A Journey will break new ground in prime ministerial memoirs just as Blair himself broke the mould of British politics. His book is frank, open, revealing and written in an intimate and accessible style. As an account of the nature and uses of power, it will have a readerhip that extends well beyond politics, to all those who want to understand the challenge of leadership in today’s world”.

With its fine mix of light and shade, heavyweight and less serious, A Journey is an unflinching, frank, big picture book. Not at all narrowly parochial, Blair’s focus is firmly international. Here is what he really thinks about leaders and issues which have dominated our world for 15 years. At the same time, there are some excellent set pieces as well as some funny and fascinating anecdotes.

This will be the first time we have really heards from Blair since leaving Downing Street. As an aside for readers here in Australia , he writes movingly about the two Australians he met at university who were a huge influence on his life – Geoff Gallop (former prime minister of Western Australia) and the late Anglican clergyman, Peter Thomson.

We have discounted this book and are taking pre-orders already.

As an aside, A Journey will make the perfect Father’s Day book. Pre-order your copy now.

Click here to read an extract.

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