The Spellmans Strike Again by Lisa Lutz: Free Book Offer

by |May 7, 2010

Hanging out for your Stephanie Plum fix?

Can’t wait until July when the next Janet Evanovich’s Sizzling Sixteen is available? I have got the answer for you. A great new author with a deal so sweet that you’d be mad not to go for it.

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Let me introduce you to Izzy Spellman. Lisa Lutz has conjured Izzy out of her own imagination and a good deal of her own life experience. Izzy  is 28, single and works for the family private detective agency. Her romantic life is littered with disasters but if you want a snoop for the job, there is no (wo)man better.

We are so convinced that you will love Izzy as much as you love Stephanie that we are giving away a free book.

Lisa Lutz’s Spellman series has it all – the laugh out loud situational humour, the bumpy romance, mystery, suspense, some kick-arse action and best of all a uniquely wacky family.

The Spellman Files is a wickedly funny début featuring the ultimate dysfunctional family.

Book Four

Book one (The Spellman Files) presents Izzy Spellman who lives in the attic of her parents’ San Francisco home, and works for Spellman Investigations – a family-run business specialising in surveillance, tactical vehicular pursuit, artful coercion and what might be unkindly termed a general invasion of privacy.

To be a Spellman is to snoop on a Spellman, tail a Spellman, dig up dirt on, blackmail and wiretap a Spellman. Nobody’s safe – not Izzy’s beautiful mother, not her ex-cop father, not her perfect older brother, not her wildly determined younger sister, not her dissolute uncle. And certainly not Izzy.

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Still, it takes a special transgression to make Izzy want to quit the business, and an equally special arrangement before her parents will release her from her contract. Suspenseful, sharply funny and achingly bitter-sweet, The Spellman Files explores the agonising and hilarious dilemmas of a 28-year-old daughter trying to break free of a family with more than the usual means of sabotage at their disposal.

Tempted? You should be. Read all four of the Spellman books : The Spellman Files, Curse of the Spellmans, Revenge of the Spellmans and The Spellmans Strike Again.

And when you’ve got through all of them, you’ll be all primed for Janet Evanovich’s Sizzling Sixteen in July. Click Here

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