BREAKING NEWS: 2010 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards Shortlists

by |April 8, 2010

The shortlists for this years NSW Premier’s Literary Awards have been announced.

In their 31 year history, the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards have honoured many of Australia’s greatest writers and most significant works. The Awards help to establish values and standards in Australian literature and draw international attention to some of the country’s best writers and to the cultural environment that nurtures them.

The NSW Premier’s Literary Awards continue to encourage people to enjoy and learn from the work of Australian writers.

Christina Stead* Prize for Fiction ($40,000)

2010 shortlisted writers are…

* J.M. Coetzee – Summertime (More…)

* Richard Flanagan – Wanting (More…)

* Cate Kennedy – The World Beneath (More…)

* Steven Lang – 88 Lines about 44 Women (More…)

* David Malouf – Ransom (More…)

* Craig Silvey – Jasper Jones (More…)

(The shortlisted writers for the Christina Stead Prize also vie for the new People’s Choice Award. To vote in the People’s Choice Award, click here.)

Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction ($40,000)

2010 shortlisted writers are…

* Dr Michael Cathcart – The Water Dreamers: The remarkable history of our dry continent (More…)

* Graham Freudenberg – Churchill and Australia (More…)

* Dr Anna Goldsworthy – Piano Lessons (More…)

* Richard Guilliatt and Peter Hohnen – The Wolf (More…)

* Paul McGeough – Kill Khalid (More…)

* Noel Pearson – Up from the Mission: Selected Writings (More…)

Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry ($30,000)

2010 shortlisted writers are…

* Jordie Albiston – The Sonnet According to ‘M’ (More…)

* Emily Ballou – The Darwin Poems (More…)

* Judith Beveridge – Storm and Honey (More…)

* Emma Jones – The Striped World (More…)

* Morgan Yasbincek – White Camel (More…)

Ethel Turner Prize for Young People’s Literature ($30,000)

2010 shortlisted writers are…

* Kathy Charles – Hollywood Ending (More…)

* Richard Harland – Worldshaker (More…)

* Justine Larbalestier – Liar (More…)

* Glenda Millard – A Small Free Kiss in the Dark (More…)

* Kirsty Murray – Vulture’s Gate (More…)

* Pamela Rushby – When the Hipchicks Went to War (More…)

Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children’s Literature ($30,000)

2010 shortlisted writers are…

* Allan Baillie – Krakatoa Lighthouse (More…)

* Morris Gleitzman – Grace (More…)

* Lincoln Hall – Alive in the Death Zone (More…)

* Richard Newsome – The Billionaire’s Curse (More…)

* Gregory Rogers – The Hero of Little Street (More…)

* Margaret Wild and Freya Blackwood – Harry and Hopper (More…)

UTS Glenda Adams Award for New Writing ($5,000)

2009 shortlisted writers are…

* Steven Amsterdam – Things We Didn’t See Coming (More…)

* Kathy Charles – Hollywood Ending (More…)

* Andrew Croome – Document Z (More…)

* Glenda Guest – Siddon Rock (More…)

* Karen Hitchcock – Little White Slips (More…)

* Kirsten Reed – The Ice Age (More…)


*For those who do not know, Christina Stead was a very fine writer, one of the finest writers the world has ever known and easily one of the best writers Australia has ever produced. Sadly, these days, it is easier to win the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction than it is to buy Christina Stead’s works new – Seven Poor Men of Sydney, The Beauties and Furies, House of All Nations, The Man Who Loved Children, For Love Alone, Letty Fox: Her Luck.

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  • July 30, 2011 at 11:49 am

    I must be a very lucky girl to have an amazing writer as my great-aunt! In my family we have some of her books and I feel so at joy to be related to such a good writer.

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