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by |March 3, 2010

What is this Twitter thing?

It’s silly, really, that’s what it is… and it shouldn’t be much good to anyone…. But somehow, against all reason, it kinda works.

Each Tweet (message) must be under 140 characters. Which isn’t much.  But suddenly, no one needs more. It is as though Twitter has brought the pleasures of brevity to a verbose world. Even authors have learnt how to be succinct!

Celebrities have loved Twitter from the get go.  (To Demi Moore, filling 140 characters must have seemed a bit daunting. But she got the hang of it.)

Celebs love it because it is pseudo contact with the world.  They Tweet, we read.

Paulo Coelho

And we reply, en masse. Replies which are largely ignored. But, but, it’s like they’re our friends!

The important bit for a celeb is,  we follow. That’s money in the bank because it shows that their ‘brand’ is viable ie: bankable. Oh, and it’s good for their egos.

Now, everyone is jumping on board. Even intellectual types.

Neil Gaiman

Stephen Fry started the trend, there can’t be much doubt about that. With his 1,368,155 followers he is king of the boffins!

But what’s it all really for?

Networking. Distraction. Ummm… No good reason?

Richelle Mead

But then, we’ve found that Twitter is good for one thing. It’s the best place to communicate with your favourite authors. They seem to reply. They respond. Why? Because the poor isolated buggers need you!

Nervous, stressed and harassed by doubts, authors have turned to Twitter in their thousands.

Support the Arts – follow an author on Twitter today… Every retweet is thankfully received.

Laurell K. Hamilton

Jackie Collins

R.L. Stine

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  • March 3, 2010 at 3:21 pm


    When people ask me what possible reason I could have for using Twitter, I tell them it’s because I get to make friends with authors 😛 (the emerging ones are especially friendly)

    A spot on post ^_^

  • Jane Logan

    March 3, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    A bit harsh on poor Demi but on a completely unrelated topic (well kind of) – watched a very interested doco about Stephen Fry and his bipolar disorder recently – he is a fascinating man – that could account for all his followers! Was that more than 140 characters? 🙂

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