What’s Hot for March – Twilight Graphic Novel, Lee Child, Ian McEwan plus a few surprises

by |February 25, 2010

It is always fascinating to see what people are attracted to with Booktopia Buzz. The March Buzz went out yesterday afternoon, and although people tend to read it at their leisure over time, I always like to have a peak at the click-throughs to see what is generating interest, and what is being ordered.

The big winner so far (after not even 24 hours of a e-newsletter that has a life of three or four weeks) is Lee Child’s Killing Floor. No surprises there as this is a special price edition of the first Jack Reacher novel, which we are letting go at $4.95. A lot of people pre-ordered 61 Hours, (out on March 18), but people have been putting their hands up for that one since December.

The other one that attracted a lot of attention yesterday was our exclusive pack of 6 Grug books – including the new one Grug and the Circus. Our Grug packs are always terrific value and this one is no exception. There are going to be a lot of happy kids out there.

Vampires and all things paranormal continue to hold sway, with plenty of people checking out the Twilight graphic novel, the new Australian editions of Melissa de la Cruz’ Blue Bloods series and Dawn of the Dreadfuls, the latest Pride and Prejudice and Zombies offering.

And debut author Natasha Solomons has gone head to head with Mr Man Booker himself, Ian McEwan. I waxed lyrical about both Mr Rosenblum’s List (Natasha Solomons) and Solar (Ian McEwan). I loved them both and we have equal numbers of pre-orders for both, but in general, they are attracting different buyers. At this stage however, given she’s the underdog, I’d have to say, Go Natasha!

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