Niki Savva – So Greek : We know what everyone will be talking about at the water cooler next week…

by |February 1, 2010

As reviewed by Toni Whitmont in the February Booktopia Buzz. Click here to see all of Booktopia’s Newsletters.

Niki Savva joined the Canberra press bureau in 1972. She left her position as head of The Age’s Canberra desk in 1998 to take up a new position as (now ex) Treasurer Peter Costello’s press secretary. So Greek is her take on life in the bunker, which can’t have always been so comfortable for the self-confessed “conservative leftie”.

Ohhh…. A Tell All About the Liberal PartyGoodie

Most books on politics are written by outsiders. Even if they are written by politicians, a lot of the intrigue and detail seems to be missing. It usually is. This is one of the few books on politics and political journalism written by an insider and one with decades of experience in federal politics. It is often hilarious, occasionally sad, sometimes infuriating, but endlessly fascinating and illuminating as it takes us on a life journey: from one country to another, from one culture to another, from one career to another, from one philosophy to another.

Don’t feel left out next week… buy it now!

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