Beneath the Dark Ice – Greig Beck

by |December 20, 2009

You want adventure? You want action? You want thrills? Then there is only one answer and it is Greig Beck’s Beneath the Dark Ice. How do I know?

Well, it scared the pants off Big Jim “Jumbo” Kennedy and let me tell you, he doesn’t scare too easily. Once he recovered from his fright, he wrote in to the publisher just to share his excitement. For my part, I like the image of the big rig parked off road in a paddock the size of England, and Jumbo in there, windows up, light going over time through the back-up battery, with book in one hand and an iron bar in the other.

Here’s his review:

Greig I am a bloody big interstate truck driver six foot three and hundred eighty pound in the old scale and sixty four yers bloody old and mate I did not think I could get scared in the dark. I read your book and boy oh boy I loved it  “‘but ‘” man I have done a lot of reading in my time and in a lot of bloody funny places and one must say your book made me like a little ten year old as whilst reading a book at night in a truck parking bay out in the middle of nowhere I have no problems  = but = READING YOUR BOOK i HAD THE DOORS LOCKED WINDOWS UP AND A BLOODY GREAT BAR WITH ME.   Any way mate I just thought I should write you and say how flamin good I for one enjoyed it even if it did scare the crap out of me in parts and I must admit I couldnt stop reading it nor put the bloody thing down so buddy I shall be ready for your next bloody scarey book. BRING IT ON MAN.


Phew. Got to experience it for yourself? Click here. The trade paperback is available now. The smaller version will be out in February. We’re happy to take pre-orders.

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