Fairie-ality Style: Inspiration from Nature

by |November 8, 2009

Want to know when a book is seriously good?

9780744557893faireialitysourceIt is when a bookseller actually pays money to add it to the home collection. And have I been shelling out recently. Yep, that’s right. There has been that much coveting going on that I have actually parted with my hard earned cash to buy several absolutely stunning books replete with images that lift the soul and gladden the heart. And one of those I want to share right now.

Many years ago ex Vogue stylist David Ellwand published the imaginative and beautiful Fairie-ality, a compendium of dresses, hats, and shoes all made in miniature from dried petals, grasses, leaves. It inspired many home grown art works with my daughter and I and hours of setting the imagination free.

Now Ellwand brings us Fairie-ality Style: A Sourcebook of Inspirations from Nature. Consider the following. A full page close up of silver birch bark, followed by a tiny boxy pyjama suit fashioned from the same, the fasteners lovingly made from winged maple seed cases. Or how about a Persian rug painstakingly pieced together with feathers? Or a halter neck dress made of what looks like gingko leaves having browned off and dropped for autumn? My favourite spreads however are the ones where his whimsy takes him to furniture.

This book will delight any one with an interest in colour, nature, fashion or design. It is inspiring, original and imaginative, and if any one wants to borrow my copy, the answer is no!




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