Qantas – the death of an iconic brand?

by |October 30, 2009

9781741668919qantasFinally, we are allowed to talk about this book, and you can bet your life that QANTAS won’t be happy.

The Men Who Killed QANTAS by investigative journalist Matthew Benns was billed as an expose into sabotages, hoaxes and ransom payments. At least, that was when we were allowed to refer to the book. Having been listed for November and sold in  a few months earlier, we were all told to remove any reference to the book from our sites and shops, we weren’t allowed to promote it any way (goodbye Christmas catalogues), it was all so hush hush that it seemed we couldn’t even mention the Q-word.

Well, apparently the lawyers have given it the thumbs up so here it is, the much contested inside drum on the flying kangaroo, now re-packaged (and maybe re-written), now billed as Greed, Lies and Crashes and How They Destroyed The Reputation of the World’s Safest Airline.

Obviously I haven’t read it yet (not actually living inside the filing cabinet of the defamation lawyers). But from what I hear, one of the most controversial aspects concerns safety lapses that have dogged the airline in recent years, particularly one of the aircraft that continued in operation for nine months, despite oil leaks that lead to toxic fumes being pumped inside the cabin.

As for those sabotages, hoaxes and ransom payments, hopefully the lawyers have left the copy alone.

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