Fast movers from November’s Booktopia Buzz

by |October 27, 2009

The November Booktopia Buzz is up on the site and I always like to have a look at it about 6 hours after we’ve sent it to our customers, just to see what is really moving.  After all, there is so much about bookselling that is speculative, trying to anticipate the fickle and diverse taste of readers. You can imagine then how I pour over the figures the day the newsletter goes out. Those first few hours gives me a really good  indication of what is going to be hot and what is not.

Of course, the best surprise is when I have to do a top up order even before the book is published. From time to time we actually have pre-sell all of our stock, and then have to scramble to supply customers who actually wait pub date to put in their orders.

So, any guesses for the top five for November from the latest Buzz?

Go to Booktopia Buzz and check it out. See how much you are in accord with the wider book buying public.

And the winners are….(or at least, these are the titles which I have had to re-order today)



9781741666694-pittwater 9780007241552songdaylight




And what about the one that I didn’t put in Booktopia Buzz but I should have?

Everyone is going crazy for John Ilhan: A Crazy Life.


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