an Australian services guide for the ageing and carers

by |October 1, 2009

9780733624520whatcanidoWhat can I do? : The essential guide to Australian services for the ageing and carers by Lynday Bennett & Trish Stewart

What can I say? This book is brilliant and I don’t know why it hasn’t been written before.

Lynda Bennett and Trish Stewart are health care professionals who were sick of getting the run around when it comes to the needs of people who need care. They have put together a concise, thorough, well set out resource book with Australia wide coverage.

Let me give you an idea – it covers living at home, retirement villages, hospitals, respite care, hostel and assisted living, nursing home care and health tips. It has an extensive and well set out contents page, a great index and a 27page alphabetical listing of useful phone numbers and websites. We are talking a seriously no-nonsense  approach.

I can think of half a dozen people in my immediate circle who would fall on this with gratitude as they try and navigate their way through the minefield of options and institutions when it comes to trying to get appropriate support for the ageing and carers.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Bennett and Stewart.

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