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by |September 3, 2009

indigenousliteracydaytileRegular readers of the blog will know that I was really pushing for a big day in the sales department yesterday, in order to support Indigenous Literacy Day as much as possible. To that end, we scheduled the September issue of Booktopia Buzz, in the hope of irresistibly tempting you all.

Well, sad as it is at 6 in the morning, I’ve just had a look to see how we went. First of all, we had a huge number of orders – so many thanks to the people all over Australia who voted with their wallets.

And what generated the most interest? Well there were a few surprises.

The most viewed item in the Buzz yesterday was the limited edition of Carl Jung’s recently discovered magnum opus, The Red Book, and that translated into many, many orders – great news because we are talking about a book that retails for $320 (although of couse, we don’t charge that much).

Next most popular was 50 Books You Can’t Put Down campaign – so a lot of people were searching the guide to take advantage of the delightful free books.

People we pre-ordering Five Greatest Warriors (Matthew Reilly) in droves, tempted presumably by the chance to win a signed set of platinum editions of his backlist. Continuing with block busters, a lot more orders came in for Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. September 15 is going to be a very busy day for us. And why would you want to pay $49.95 when you can pick it up for $19.95 from us?

There was a lot of interest generated in Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies). Its a cult thing.

And rather amusingly, we had just as many people clicking on The Poo Pop-Up Book as Richard Dawkins The Greatest Show on Earth, but in a merciful show of good taste, it was The Greatest Show on Earth that translated into sales, and so to more books for people in remote communities.

You can support the indigenous literacy project at any time of the year by clicking here. Meanwhile, thank you for getting behind us, so we could get behind THE big day.

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