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If you were a child in the 1980s, or indeed if you had a child in the 1980s, you would certainly remember Grug. If you still have any of the Grug books, they would be collectors’ items by now because the series by Ted Prior has been out of print since 1992.

Well the world has changed since the 1980s. Grug is on Facebook and he has more than 50,000 friends (and a couple of videos). And he has entered the world of flash mobbing.

And September will see the first new Grug book in 30 year’s as Ted Prior’s lovable character will be the official face of the children’s campaign for Books Alive.

Meanwhile, at Booktopia, we have another one of those great exclusive deals for you.

We have put together four Grug packs,  each one with 6 of these very appealing  books. That’s $30 worth of Grug for $22.95, not that you can buy the packs anywhere else.

Of course, the books retail individually for $4.99 (our price $4.46) but once you have one you will definitely want the lot. So for little ones, or the little one still inside you, click on the packs below the re-enter the joyous world of Grug.

Pack 1
Grug, Grug and his Garden, Gurg and the Big Red Apple, Grug and the Rainbow, Grug in the Playground, Grug and the Green Paint.

Pack 2
Grug Goes to School, Grug Meets Snoot, Grug Learns to Swim, Grug Goes Fishing, Grug Has a Birthday.

Grug Plays Soccer, Grug at the Zoo, Grug at the Snow, Grug and His Bicycle, Grug Plays Cricket, Grug and His Music.

Grug Builds a Car, Grug Learns to Cook, Grug Builds a Boat, Grug and His Kite, Grug Learns to Dance, Grug Goes Shopping.

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