Steampunk shakes up Richard Harland’s world

by |June 6, 2009

9781741757095worldshakerWorldshaker is an enthralling new steampunk adventure for young adults from Wollongong author Richard Harland. It is set in an alternate history where Victorian Age steam technology was used to develop giant rolling fortresses known as Juggernauts that roll across the Earth, oblivious to the damage and destruction left in their wake.

Col Porpentine has had a privileged childhood in the Upper Decks of the English juggernaut Worldshaker and is destined to become its next Supreme Commander. But a chance encounter with a ‘filthy’, one of the derided working class from Below Decks, makes him question the entire system he has grown up in. As rumours of rebellion rise up from the engine rooms, Col is going to have to choose which side he is on.

Richard Harland has authored a number of other speculative fiction novels for children and adults and also teaches creative writing and English Literature. He has published a free online guide for writers of speculative fiction at Its all there – 145 pages of hints and how-to’s from good writing habits, the elements, characters, story, language and getting published. And Harland knows what he is talking about. Worldshaker has just been signed by Simon and Schuster in the US.

Worldshaker was published a couple of months ago but its official launch is very appropriately at Port Kembla steelworks in Wollongong on July 18. Richard Harland took the time to talk to Booktopia’s  SF & Fantasy editor, Richard Bilkey, about his new book  and share his thoughts on steampunk in general. Click here to listen.

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