Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – book first, movie later

by |May 21, 2009

cormac_mccarthyHe is studied at universities, he is immortalised in a portrait at the National Portrait Gallery, there have been no less than four international conferences devoted to his oeuvre, and he makes a damn good read. Cormac McCarthy has been gathering fans for more than 30 years although it was Blood Meridian that placed him firmly amongst the cognoscenti of American writing. Followed soon by All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing and No Country for Old Men, to read a McCarthy is to commit to reading them all – frontier stuff, bleak, sparse and utterly unputdownable. Of course, it is The Road that has really tipped him into the pantheon of American icons and it is The Road that is being made, with a great deal of anticipation, into a movie that is going to be released later on this year. No doubt the McCarthy purists will quibble, but the trailer certainly captures that terrifying,  apocalyptic vision that has kept hundreds of thousands of readers huddled in corners.

9780330447546Check out the body of McCarthy’s work here.

The film-tie in version of The Road is coming out in December but you can certainly bone up on it now with this version. Of course, if you want to scare yourself silly with visual, watch the trailer below.

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  • Spacey

    June 3, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    I found the book an interesting read. I finished reading it about two weeks ago. I have finally made up my mind that i didnt like it, solely based on the bleak, awful story he tells. I was horrified about some scenes, the baby spit roast is one i cant get out of my mind.

    I dont know whether to recommend it or not. I was captivated and horrified and was glad that it was over when it was. I dont know if i could have read on if it was an longer, unless something pleasant happened!

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