Gender Genie

by |May 13, 2009

OK its not new, but it is kind of cute. And it is fun to try out with your favourite bits of writing.

There is an algorithm  that has been doing the rounds that is supposed to be able to predict with 98% accuracy whether the writer of text is male or female. All you do is paste in the text (more than 500 words), select whether it is fiction, non-fiction or a blog (apparently those three categories cover all sins) and hey presto, the author’s true identity is gender is revealed.

Well folks, you heard it here first:

  • WA wunderkind  Craig Silvey, author of Jasper Jones, is in fact a woman.
  • Tim Winton must have had a sex change before he wrote Breath. (It must be a WA thing).
  • Laila Lalami, author of The Secret Son, whose bio suggests that she has girly bits, is really a man.

I tried it out on some of my own articles from another life only to discover that I am a hermaphrodite, which will be news to both my two children and their father.   Try it for yourself.

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