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Black Holes in Binaries and Galactic Nuclei : Diagnostics, Demography and Formation : Proceedings of the Eso Workshop Held at Garching, Germany, 6-8 Sep :  Diagnostics, Demography and Formation : Proceedings of the Eso Workshop Held at Garching, Germany, 6-8 Sep - Lex Kaper

Black Holes in Binaries and Galactic Nuclei : Diagnostics, Demography and Formation : Proceedings of the Eso Workshop Held at Garching, Germany, 6-8 Sep

Diagnostics, Demography and Formation : Proceedings of the Eso Workshop Held at Garching, Germany, 6-8 Sep

By: Lex Kaper (Editor), E. P. J. van den Heuvel (Editor), Patrick A. Woudt (Editor)

Hardcover Published: March 2001
ISBN: 9783540415817
Number Of Pages: 379

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From the Contents: Setting the Stage: Black Holes, Past and future Perspectives.- Black-Hole Diagnostics: Dynamical Evidence.- Black-Hole Phenomenology: Variability, Jets, Disks and Accretion Tori.- Black-Hole Demography.- Black-Hole Formation.

Black Hole Research Past and Futurep. 3
Overview: Black Holes in the Universep. 16
Black Holes in X-Ray Binariesp. 27
Neutron Star Mass Determinationsp. 39
On the Limiting Mass of Neutron Starsp. 45
Keck Observations of Black Hole X-Ray Transientsp. 53
Measuring the Mass of the Black Hole in GS2000+25 Using IR Ellipsoidal Variationsp. 57
YALO Observations of 4U 1543-47p. 59
Optical Spectroscopic Observations of Black-Hole Candidatesp. 61
The Center of the Galaxy: Evidence for a Massive Black Holep. 63
Towards Complete Stellar Orbits Around the Galaxy's Central Black Hole: The First Acceleration Measurementsp. 72
Evidence for Massive Black Holes in Nearby Galactic Nucleip. 78
Effects of Anisotropy on the Central Dark Mass in NGC 3315. New Results from Integral Field Spectroscopyp. 88
Black-Hole Results from STISp. 91
Gas/Stars Coupling in Early-Type Galaxies: Diagnostics for Supermassive Black Holesp. 95
Molecular Gas in Nuclei of the Seyfert Galaxies NGC3227 and NGC1068p. 99
Centaurus A: The Supermassive Black Hole in the Nearest AGNp. 101
SINFONI - Galaxy Dynamics at 0".05 Resolution with the VLTp. 107
Accretion onto Black Holes and Neutron Stars: Differences and Similaritiesp. 113
X-Ray Variability of Neutron Stars versus Black Holesp. 125
RXTE Monitoring of LMC X-3p. 131
Monitoring the Short-Term Variability of Cyg X-1p. 133
Simultaneous Infrared and mm-Wave Observations of Disc Ejection Events in GRS 1915+105p. 135
Observations of Cygnus X-3 in Quiescence in the 2.4 - 12 [mu]m Range with ISOp. 137
Determination of Mass Limits Around Pulsars at 10 and 90 [mu]m with ISOp. 139
X-Ray Spectra of Neutron Stars vs. Black Holesp. 141
Why Do Black-Hole X-Ray Binaries Tend to Be Transient?p. 149
Black-Hole Transients and the Eddington Limitp. 155
Limits on Accretion Rates in Black Hole X-Ray Transientsp. 159
Supermassive Black Holes Can Hardly Be "Silent"p. 161
Discovery of an X-Ray Outburst in an Optically Non-Active Galaxyp. 168
The Giant X-Ray Flare of NGC5905 - a Tidal Disruption Event?p. 170
A Giant, Ultra-Soft, and Luminous X-Ray Flare from the Optically Inactive Galaxy Pair RX J1242.6-1119p. 172
New Evidence for Supermassive Binary Black Holes in the Blazar OJ287p. 174
Gravitational Lens Diagnosis of Quasar Accretion Diskp. 176
X-Ray Evidence of an AGN in the Starburst Galaxy M82p. 178
Gamma-Ray Observations of Black Holes: The Prospects of INTEGRALp. 180
Jets from Black-Hole Binaries and Galactic Nucleip. 185
Black-Hole States and Radio-Jet Formationp. 193
Black Hole X-Ray Binaries: A New View on Soft-Hard Spectral Transitionsp. 200
Orbital, Precessional and Flaring Variability in Cygnus X-1p. 202
Modelling Synchrotron Outbursts in 3C 273p. 204
On the Formation of Jetsp. 206
The Importance of Rapid Black Hole Spin in Relativistic Jet Formationp. 216
Radio Cores in Low-Luminosity AGN: ADAFs or Jets?p. 218
The Magnetic Field Configuration of Accretion Disks around Black Holesp. 222
The Influence of Resonant Absorption on the Fe Emission Line Profiles of Accreting Black Holesp. 224
X-Ray Iron Line Variability for the Model of an Orbiting Flare Above a Black Hole Accretion Discp. 226
Causal Model for Relativistic Accretion Flowp. 228
Black Holes or Supermassive Compact Objects Without Event Horizon?p. 230
Outflowing Coronae Above Accretion Discs in AGN and GBHp. 232
Formation of Broad Line Clouds from Turbulent Shocks in the Accretion Flows of Active Galactic Nucleip. 234
Wolf-Rayet Stars and Black Holes, an Overviewp. 239
Structure of the Globular Cluster M15 and Constraints on a Massive Central Black Holep. 246
Merger Rates of Black-Hole Binaries: Prospects for Gravitational-Wave Detectorsp. 252
Central Black Holes and Galaxy Evolutionp. 259
X-Ray Candidates for a Population of Nuclear Cores in Local Group Galaxiesp. 265
Global X-Ray Emission and Central Properties of Early Type Galaxiesp. 267
A New Monte Carlo Code for Dynamical Simulations of Galactic Nuclei Hosting Massive Black Holesp. 269
Luminosity and Mass Functions of Active Galactic Nucleip. 273
Accreting Black Holes: Modelling Individual Objects and Whole Populationsp. 275
Formation and Evolution of Black-Hole Binariesp. 279
Empirical Lower Mass Limit for Black-Hole Formation in a Massive Binaryp. 289
Constraints on the Initial Mass Limit for Black-Hole Formation from the Massive X-Ray Binary Wray 977p. 295
Formation of Black-Hole X-Ray Binaries with Low-Mass Donorsp. 299
The History of Cygnus X-2p. 305
Evidence of a Supernova Origin for the Black Hole in GRO J1655-40 (Nova Scorpii 1994)p. 307
Constraints on Mass Ejection in Black Hole Formation Derived from Black Hole X-Ray Binariesp. 312
A Search for the Presence of Bow Shocks around High-Mass X-Ray Binariesp. 314
Gamma-Ray Bursts in Relation to Black-Hole Formationp. 316
Black Hole Formation, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and Stellar Windsp. 328
Fallback in Supernovae and Black Hole Formationp. 332
Black-Hole Formation and Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 334
The Final Fate of Coalescing Binary Neutron Stars: Collapse to a Black Hole?p. 344
Supermassive Black Holes: Their Formation, and Their Prospects as Probes of Relativistic Gravityp. 351
The Formation and Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Galaxiesp. 364
Black Hole Formation in Dark Matter Halosp. 375
Author Indexp. 377
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ISBN: 9783540415817
ISBN-10: 3540415815
Series: ESO Astrophysics Symposia
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 379
Published: March 2001
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg Gmbh & Co. Kg
Country of Publication: DE
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 15.5  x 2.39
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