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Birds of the Middle East : Second Edition - Richard Porter

Birds of the Middle East

Second Edition

Paperback Published: 8th November 2010
ISBN: 9780691148441
Number Of Pages: 384

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"Birds of the Middle East" is now the most field-ready and comprehensive guide to the fantastic birds of this region. This fully revised and updated second edition covers all species--including vagrants--found in the Arabian Peninsula (including Socotra), Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Cyprus. It features 176 superb color plates depicting more than 800 species, as well as 820 color distribution maps that show the breeding range for almost every species. In this upgraded edition, maps and detailed species accounts are now located opposite the plates, making this stunningly illustrated field guide easier to use than ever.The most comprehensive field guide to the birds of the Middle East Covers more than 800 species--including 100 not covered in the first edition Features 176 color plates depicting all species Includes detailed species accounts and 820 color distribution maps Text and maps now located opposite the color plates

Industry Reviews

"The artwork is spectacularly good... The authors have expanded their coverage of species by 100 over those found in the first edition... For those heading to the Middle East, this book should make birding easier."--William P. Mueller, Bluebird's Laugh "I highly recommend this field guide to any birder, beginner or advanced, visiting the Middle East. Most of the plates are true to life and the physical description thorough. More importantly, the information is packaged in a user-friendly format."--The Eyrie "Birds of the Middle East: Second Edition is a durable, well-sized field guide for an under-birded yet highly interesting region of the world."--Birdfreak.com "I have decided that this portable well written guide is the one I will take with me. For anyone travelling to the Middle East, whether on business or pleasure but with an interest or a passion for birds, this second edition of Birds of the Middle East sets the standard again, and I highly recommend it."--Phil Slade, Another Bird Blog "[T]his is truly a field guide based on size and weight; very practical for use in the field. There is no fluff nor wasted pages in this field guide... This field guide is perfectly suited to help people of all skill levels identify birds in the Middle East."--Birding is Fun blog "This guide will become the book of choice for birders visiting the Middle East..."--Choice Praise for the first edition: "There has always been a problem deciding which books to take birding in the Middle East. With the arrival of this new field guide to the region it is now possible to contemplate using only one book in the field... This is an indispensable and thoroughly recommended aid for birdwatchers in the Middle East and beyond."--Andrew Grieve, Birdwatch Praise for the first edition: "This excellent book is a must for anyone going to this region. Beginners will find it easy to use... Advanced birdwatchers will learn something that they have not yet, and what will ultimately help with correct identification. The bottom line is: this is the best field guide published so far on birds of the Middle East."--Zpravy Mos, Wilson Bulletin "The illustrations in Birds of the Middle East are superior. Not only are they better executed, they tend to be larger and less crowded on each page. As a consequence, the birder probably does not need a secondary bird book."--Dan Tallman, South Dakota Bird Notes "I recommend this field guide to any birder that plans on exploring the Middle East in search of the 800 plus species covered. The slick layout and very accurate drawings will allow for unmistakable identifications in the field."--Timothy Schreckengost, Words about Birds blog

Acknowledgementsp. 8
Introductionp. 9
The region and species coveredp. 9
Escapes and introduced birdsp. 10
Sequence, taxonomy and nomenclaturep. 10
Illustrations and Identification textp. 11
Bird topographyp. 11
Voicep. 12
Habitatp. 12
Maps and statusp. 12
Code of conductp. 13
Species Accountsp. 33
Partridges, francolins and quails Phasianidae 1-3p. 14
Buttonquails Turnicidae 3p. 18
Guineafowl Numididae 3p. 18
Ducks and geese Anatidae 4-11p. 20
Divers Gaviidae 12p. 36
Grebes Podicipedidae 13p. 38
Albatrosses Diomedeidae 14p. 40
Petrels and shearwaters Procellariidae 14-17p. 40
Storm-petrels Hydrobatidae 18p. 48
Tropicbirds Phaethontidae 19p. 50
Frigatebirds Fregatidae 19p. 50
Gannets and boobies Sulidae 20p. 52
Flamingos Phoenicopteridae 21p. 54
Storks Ciconiidae 21-22p. 54
Ibises and spoonbills Threskiornithidae 23p. 58
Hamerkop Scopidae 24p. 60
Bitterns, herons and egrets Ardeidae 24-27p. 60
Pelicans Pelecanidae 28p. 68
Cormorants Phalacrocoracidae 29p. 70
Darters Anhingidae 29p. 70
Hawks, buzzards and eagles Accipitridae 30-42p. 72
Falcons Falconidae 43-45p. 98
Bustards Otididae 46p. 104
Cranes Gruidae 46p. 104
Rails, crakes and gallinules Rallidae 47-49p. 106
Thick-knees Burhinidae 50p. 112
Coursers Glareolidae 50p. 112
Oystercatchers Haematopodidae 51p. 114
Crab-plover Dromadidae 51p. 114
Stilts and avocets Recurvirostridae 51p. 114
Painted-snipe Rostratulidae 51p. 114
Jacanas Jacanidae 51p. 114
Lapwings and plovers Charadriidae 52-55p. 116
Sandpipers and allies Scolopacidae 56-64p. 124
Pratincoles Glareolidae 65p. 142
Gulls Laridae 66-72p. 144
Terns Sternidae 73-77p. 158
Skimmers Rynchopidae 77p. 166
Skuas Stercorariidae 78-79p. 168
Sandgrouse Pteroclidae 80-81p. 172
Pigeons and doves Columbidae 82-85p. 176
Parakeets Psittacidae 85p. 182
Cuckoos and coucals Cuculidae 86-87p. 184
Typical Owls Strigidae 88-91p. 188
Barn owls Tytonidae 91p. 194
Nightjars Caprimulgidae 92-93p. 196
Swifts Apodidae 94-95p. 200
Rollers Coraciidae 96p. 204
Hoopoes Upupidae 96p. 204
Kingfishers Alcedinidae 97p. 206
Bee-eaters Meropidae 98p. 208
Hornbills Bucerotidae 99p. 210
Woodpeckers and wrynecks Picidae 99-101p. 210
Tchagras Malaconotidae 102p. 216
Orioles Oriolidae 102p. 216
Drongos Dicruridae 102p. 216
Shrikes Laniidae 102-104p. 216
Paradise flycatchers Monarchidae 105p. 222
Babblers Timaliidae 105p. 222
Crows and lays Corvidae 106-109p. 224
Waxwings and Hypocolius Bombycillidae 110p. 232
Bulbuls Pycnonotidae 110p. 232
Treecreepers Certhiidae 111p. 234
Tits Paridae 111-112p. 234
Long-tailed tits Aegithalidae 112p. 236
Penduline-tits Remizidae 113p. 238
Bearded Reedling Panuridae 113p. 238
Wallcreeper Tichodromadidae 113p. 238
Larks Alaudidae 114-118p. 240
Swallows and martins Hirundinidae 119-121p. 250
Cisticolas and allies Cisticolidae 122p. 256
Bush warblers Cettidae 123p. 258
Grasshopper warblers Megaluridae 123p. 258
Reed warblers Acrocephalidae 124-128p. 260
Leaf warblers Phylloscopidae 128-131p. 268
Sylvia warblers Sylviidae 132-136p. 276
White-eyes Zosteropidae 136p. 284
Goldcrests Regulidae 136p. 284
Nuthatches Sittidae 137p. 286
Oxpeckers Buphagidae 138p. 288
Starlings Sturnidae 138-139p. 288
Thrushes Turdidae 140-142p. 292
Wrens Troglodytidae 142p. 296
Dippers Cinclidae 142p. 296
Robins, chats and flycatchers Muscicapidae 143-154p. 298
Sunbirds Nectariniidae 155p. 322
Sparrows and petronias Passeridae 156-159p. 324
Weavers Ploceidae 159-160p. 330
Waxbills Estrildidae 159-160p. 330
Accentors Prunellidae 161p. 334
Wagtails and pipits Motacillidae 162-165p. 336
Finches Fringillidae 166-171p. 344
Buntings Emberizidae 172-176p. 356
References and further readingp. 366
Checklist of the birds of the Middle Eastp. 368
Indexp. 376
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ISBN: 9780691148441
ISBN-10: 0691148449
Series: Princeton Field Guides
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 384
Published: 8th November 2010
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 21.34 x 13.97  x 2.03
Weight (kg): 0.68
Edition Number: 2
Edition Type: Revised