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Birds of New Zealand : A Photographic Guide - Paul Scofield

Birds of New Zealand

A Photographic Guide

By: Paul Scofield, Brent Stephenson

Paperback | 1 October 2013

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A must-have guide for anyone interested in the extraordinary birds in New Zealand

New Zealand's birdlife developed extraordinary diversity as a consequence of evolving on isolated islands without mammalian predators. For many years, habitat destruction brought on by humans posed a distinct threat to the wide variety of birdlife, but thanks to recent conservation efforts, many of the country's species of birds are now protected in parks and island sanctuaries. Illustrated with nearly a thousand new photographs from one of New Zealand's top nature photographers and drawing on the latest information from birders and biologists, Birds of New Zealand offers a definitive introduction to the identification and behavior of the country's extraordinary avian life. The book includes expert and up-to-date information on the 365 bird species found in New Zealand, including species ranging from albatrosses and shearwaters to kiwi and kaka. It will be a valuable addition to the existing literature on birding.
Industry Reviews
"Scofield and Stephenson's book will be a major step above all others in the market, both in its scholarship and the quality of photography. It will be a "must-have" for birders."-Phil Battley, Massey University -- Phil Battley
"Upon returning from a trip to New Zealand last year, I had one regret: Scofield and Stephenson's brilliant new guide was not yet available! When you go, take this book. It will enhance any birder's experience with the stunning photos, maps, and detailed notes on identification, biology, and taxonomy of one of the world's premier island bird faunas!"-John Marzluff, co-author of Dog Days, Raven Nights; Gifts of the Crow; and In the Company of Crows and Ravens -- John Marzluff
"Birders heading for New Zealand will want this book . . . An exceptional reference book and guide, which will undoubtedly be carried by every birder visiting the region."-Choice -- P. K. Lago * Choice *
'This is a well-conceived and brilliantly executed guide, and an essential travelling companion for anyone with an interest in New Zealand's unique avifauna.'-Dominic Mitchell, Birdwatch -- Dominic Mitchell * Birdwatch *

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