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Between Worlds : A Sourcebook of Central European Avant-Gardes, 1910-1930 - Timothy O. Benson

Between Worlds

A Sourcebook of Central European Avant-Gardes, 1910-1930

By: Timothy O. Benson (Editor), Eva Forgacs (Editor)

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The avant-garde movements of Central Europe were an integral part of modernism's evolution as it reached its peak throughout the continent during the 1920s. Written documents--manifestos, artists' statements, and reviews--were the lifeblood of these movements and, during the periods when political events conspired to isolate them, one of their few means of communication and exchange. Much of this crucial evidence has become lost to us, and the artistic avant-gardes of Central Europe have been a blind spot of modernist studies. Until their narratives have been recovered, the story of modernism will remain incomplete. In this book an international team of scholars has selected an essential compendium of documents that take an important step toward regaining this lost perspective. "Between Worlds" contains primary documents of the avant-gardes in Austria, the Czech lands, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Yugoslavia from 1910 to 1930. The manifestos and magazines of Western European radical art circles are well known to Western scholars, but few have researched the pages of magazines such as "Zenit," "Integral," "Punct," "75 HP," "Tank," and "Ma." We know about Italian Futurism but not about Polish Futurism. Few Westerners are aware that French surrealist magazines drew much of their inspiration from Czech publications. The hundreds of documents in the book, almost all of them translated into English for the first time, bring back into circulation landmark texts by the major writers, editors, artists, magazines, and movements of Central Europe. With this publication they are restored to their rightful place in the pantheon of modernism. "Between Worlds" is distributed for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Acknowledgmentsp. 14
Introductionp. 16
National Traditionsp. 47
Quousque Tandemp. 50
The Historical Development of Modern Artp. 52
The Czechness of our Artp. 56
Josef Manes Exhibition at the Topic Salonp. 57
Wyspianski as a Painter-Poet (Personal Impressions)p. 60
Excerpts from Jan Matejkop. 61
On the Artist's Calling and the Tasks of Artp. 64
Wyspianskis's Stained Glass Windows at the Wawel Cathedralp. 66
Excerpt from Hungarian Artp. 71
Exhibition Committee of University Youth (Belgrade), Invitation Letter (1904)p. 74
New Alternativesp. 79
Honore Daumier: A Few Notes and His Workp. 83
The Prism and the Pyramidp. 86
Surface and Spacep. 92
On the Virtue of Neo-Primitivismp. 95
Introduction to the second Skupina exhibition cataloguep. 98
The Intellectual Basis of Modern Timep. 99
Fragments of correspondencep. 103
The Beauty of Modern Visual Formp. 109
The Spirit of Change in Visual Artp. 112
Excerpt from Cubismp. 116
Forms and the Soulp. 120
Investigative Artp. 121
The Ways Have Partedp. 125
The Role of the Artist in Societyp. 129
Fragment from "Light the Torches"p. 134
The Exhibit of Painting and Drawing: Derain, Forain, Galanis, Iserp. 136
Fragment from Tinerimea artistica exhibition cataloguep. 136
New Guidelines in Artp. 136
Statementp. 138
Warningp. 138
The Activation of the Avant-Gardep. 143
The Possessedp. 146
Listen!p. 147
The Futuristsp. 150
Futurism: New Possibilities in Art and Lifep. 152
To Accompany Carlo D. Carra's Painting Anarchist Funeralp. 157
Programp. 160
Advertisementp. 162
The Poster and The New Paintingp. 163
For the Comprehensive Ma Exhibitionp. 166
Lajos Tihanyip. 167
Janos Mattis-Teutschp. 169
Onward on Our Wayp. 171
The Galimbertisp. 173
To the Holy Rebelp. 177
Notesp. 178
On Expressionismp. 179
Expressionism (Fragments from a Lecture)p. 181
The Struggle for A New Formp. 182
Overcoming Artp. 184
To the Polish Nation: A Manifesto Concerning the Immediate Futurization of Lifep. 187
Manifesto Concerning Futurist Poetryp. 191
A Nife in the Stomak: Futurist Speshal Ishew 2p. 193
And Yet!p. 196
The Obstinates and Friendsp. 197
Art and Revolutionp. 201
Manifestop. 204
Program of the Bauhaus in Weimarp. 204
Manifestop. 207
On the First Exhibition of Bauhaus Student Workp. 208
Proclamation for the Communist Republic!p. 212
Proclamation for Art!p. 213
Soviet Hungary since March 21p. 215
Art of the Revolution - Or Art of the Party?p. 216
Excerpts from "Activism"p. 219
We Need a Dictatorship!p. 225
Mass Culture, Mass Artp. 227
Letter to Bela Kun in the Name Of Artp. 230
Letterp. 233
Form as the Agent of Social Changep. 237
Statementp. 240
Defeatism in Artp. 241
Excerpts from New Form in Painting and the Misunderstanding Arising Therefromp. 245
On Deformation in Picturesp. 251
Excerpt from "About Multiplicity of Reality in Art"p. 253
On Green Eye and his Paintingp. 260
Aesthetic Sketchesp. 261
Point of Departurep. 265
City Mass Machinep. 267
Notes on Russian Artp. 272
The Reaction of the Environmentp. 280
The Zenithist Manifestop. 284
Manifestop. 292
Man and Artp. 293
Excerpts from "The Spirit of Zenithism"p. 296
Expressionism is Dyingp. 300
International Dadap. 309
Dada Manifestop. 313
What is Dadaism and What Does it Want in Germany?p. 318
The Black Tomcatp. 320
Green-Headed Manp. 324
The First Gathering of the Mad in a Garbage Binp. 328
Manifestop. 332
Green Donkey Pantomimep. 336
Manifesto (Festo-Mani)p. 340
Selections from Dada-Nyetp. 345
Dadaismp. 348
Kurt Schwitters Dadap. 351
Tatlin: HPs + Manp. 354
Zenith Expressp. 356
Dadap. 359
The Modern Art Bazaarp. 363
Picturep. 364
Painting and Poetryp. 367
Creative Dadap. 369
Excerpts from "Dadaism"p. 369
Excerpts from "Dada"p. 376
International Constructivism in Germany and Austriap. 385
Congress of International Progressive Artists: A Short Review of the Proceedingsp. 389
Manifesto of the Communep. 395
Second Manifesto of the Communep. 395
The International Exhibition in Dusseldorfp. 397
The Stand Taken by the Vienna Ma Group toward the First Dusseldorf Congress of Progressive Artistsp. 400
International Constructivist Creative Unionp. 401
The Exhibition of Russian Artistsp. 405
On the Russian Exhibitionp. 408
The Russian Exhibit in Berlinp. 409
The Russian Exhibition in Berlinp. 410
Notes To the Russian Artist Exhibition in Berlinp. 413
Through the Russian Exhibition in Berlinp. 414
To the Artists of All Nations!p. 418
The Provisional International Moscow Bureau of Creative-Artist Questions to the Hungarian Activists and the Hungarian Activists Replyp. 420
Moholy-Nagyp. 424
Lajos Kassakp. 425
Picture Architecturep. 427
The Great Festival in Moscowp. 432
Constructivismp. 435
Correction (to the Attention of De Stijl)p. 436
Manifestop. 443
On the New Theatrical Artp. 444
The Electro-Mechanical Showp. 447
Theater as an Artistic Phenomenonp. 448
The Hungarian Activist Movementp. 449
Production-Reproductionp. 454
KURI Manifestop. 455
Bauhaus Manifestop. 457
Film Sketch Dynamics of a Metropolisp. 458
Life at the Bauhausp. 462
Film at the Bauhaus: a Rejoinderp. 465
Herwarth Waldenp. 467
A Call for Elementarist Artp. 470
Statement from Der Sturm cataloguep. 470
Dynamic-Constructive System of Forcesp. 471
Aims of the Pre Theaterp. 471
The Arts Abroadp. 472
Constructivist Art and Peri's Spatial Constructionsp. 473
Second Presentist Declaration - Addressed to the International Constructivistsp. 476
The Dynamic Principle of Cosmic Construction, as Related to the Functional Significance of Constructive Designp. 477
Abstract Design from Suprematism to the Presentp. 479
Praguep. 482
Toward Constructivismp. 483
Photography in Reversep. 483
Concrete Lightp. 485
International Constructivism in Central Europep. 487
Mechano-facturep. 489
Editorial-Statementp. 491
Untitled statements on Suprematism and paintingp. 492
Theses on New Artp. 493
At Attempt to Explain the Misunderstandings Related to the Public's Attitude to New Artp. 495
What Constructivism Isp. 496
B=2p. 497
Photomontagep. 503
On Abstract Artp. 503
Shimmy at the Latin Quarter Graveyardp. 505
A Categorical Imperative of the Zenithist School of Poetryp. 509
Barbarogeniusp. 511
The New Artp. 512
Zenithosophy: Or the Energetics of Creative Zenithismp. 514
Barbarism as Culturep. 518
Toward the Documentation of the European Cultural Crisis: Five Years of Zenithismp. 521
Upside Downp. 521
Beyond-Sense Poetryp. 527
Zenithism through the Prism of Marxismp. 528
Notes on Paintingp. 533
Art Notesp. 533
Victor Braunerp. 534
Aviogramap. 535
Untitled statementp. 537
Pictopoetryp. 538
Assessmentsp. 538
The Contimporanul Exhibition (Notes)p. 539
The First Contimporanul International Exhibitionp. 540
Marcel Jancop. 541
Visual Chrona-meteringp. 543
Conversations with Lucian Blagap. 544
Grammarp. 547
Voicesp. 549
The International Exhibition Organized by the Magazine Contimporanulp. 551
Manp. 554
Surrealism and Integralismp. 555
From Futurism to Integralismp. 557
Black Artp. 560
Note about Sculpturep. 563
Initiation in the Mysteries of an Exhibition: The Sensational Pronouncements of Militsa Petrascu and Marcel Jancop. 564
Cubismp. 566
Coloringp. 567
Urmuzp. 568
Greetings!p. 571
Marij Kogoj's Black Masksp. 572
Theater Co-opp. 573
Tank Manifestop. 574
The Constructivist Group in Triestep. 575
Poetismp. 579
Constructivism and the Liquidation of Artp. 583
Artificialismp. 589
The Poet (Lecture Given on the Occasion of an Exhibition Opening)p. 590
Excerpts from "Poetism Manitesto"p. 593
Ultraviolet Paintings, or, Artificialism (Notes on the Paintings of Styrsky and Toyen)p. 601
Hungarians in Exilep. 609
Back to the Workbenchp. 610
Architecturep. 612
The Twilight of Ideologiesp. 615
Excerpt from New Painting in Hungaryp. 616
Advertisementsp. 621
Letter to Erich Buchholzp. 623
Bauhaus Resonancesp. 627
At the Bauhausp. 628
Ten Years of the Bauhausp. 632
Excerpts from "Ten Years of Bauhaus"p. 637
Polandp. 643
The Contemporary Stylep. 645
Rules of the S.I. Witkiewicz Portrait-Painting Firmp. 646
Unism in Paintingp. 649
Sculpture and Solidp. 658
Plastic Art as the Summary of Culture Lifep. 659
Communique of the a.r. Groupp. 660
Excerpts from Composition of Space: Calculations of Space-Time Rhythmp. 661
Malevich in Polandp. 664
Funeral of Suprematismp. 664
Art and Realityp. 666
Praguep. 675
Introduction to the Fronta Almanacp. 676
The Generation's Cornerp. 676
Founding Manifestop. 678
Amsterdam and Stuttgartp. 681
Photography Unparalleledp. 683
Painting and Photographyp. 684
Debate on Erno Kallai's Article Painting and Photographyp. 689
Replyp. 695
Letter to Laszlo Moholy-Nagyp. 698
Vanguard Skirmish' in Stuttgartp. 699
Photography - The Pictorial Art of the Present Dayp. 700
Opening of the Werkbund Exhibition Film and Photop. 701
Form, Photo and Filmp. 701
Bucharestp. 703
Reflections of Cubismp. 705
Fragments from "A Contribution to Our History of Modernism: What A Young Painter Tells Us"p. 706
Manifestop. 708
M. H. Maxyp. 708
Victor Braunerp. 710
Marinettip. 711
F. T. Marinettip. 711
Our Own Futurismp. 713
The Rehabilitation of the Dreamp. 714
Germanyp. 717
Ten Years of the November Groupp. 718
Art and the General Publicp. 719
Vision and the Law of Formp. 721
Theo van Doesburgp. 724
Politics of Art in the Third Reichp. 726
Creditsp. 730
Biographical Notesp. 732
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