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Best Loved Folktales World : The Anchor folktale library - Joanna Cole

Best Loved Folktales World

The Anchor folktale library

Paperback Published: 1st September 1983
ISBN: 9780385189491
Number Of Pages: 816
For Ages: 12 - 17 years old

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This collection of over two hundred folk and fairy tales from all over the world is the only edition that encompasses all cultures. Arranged geographically by region—West and East Europe, British Isles, Scandinavia, and Northern Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, Africa, North America, the Carribean and West Indies, and Central and South America—and lovingly selected from the personal favorites of folklorists and writers, this book is a major anthology in its field.
Gathered together in this wide-ranging collection are familiar classics like "Snow-White" and "Sleeping Beauty," and stories that equal them from all major cultures. Together they offer magic, adventure, laughter, reflection, vivid images, and a throng of colorful characters. More important, they offer insight into the oral traditions of different cultures and deal with universal human dilemmas that span differences of age, culture, and geography. Animal fables, proverbs, ghost  stories, funny tales, and tales of enchantment provide a unique reading experience for all ages.
A category index groups the tales by plot and character, e.g., humorous, supernatural, and "pourquoi" tales, married couples, enchanted sweethearts, etc. Like all great literature, these tales can be read with fascination on many levels, making Best-Loved Folktales of the World a classic and enduring collection.

Introduction: Enjoying the World's Folktalesp. xvii
West Europe
Cinderella (France)p. 3
Beauty and the Beast (France)p. 8
Puss in Boots (France)p. 24
Blue Beard (France)p. 28
The White Cat (France)p. 32
Drakestail (France)p. 45
The Doctor and His Pupil (France)p. 50
Snow-White (Germany)p. 53
The Brave Little Tailor (Germany)p. 61
Ashenputtel (Germany)p. 68
Rapunzel (Germany)p. 75
The Devil's Three Gold Hairs (Germany)p. 78
Darling Roland (Germany)p. 84
The Fisherman and His Wife (Germany)p. 88
The Frog Prince (Germany)p. 95
The Goosegirl (Germany)p. 98
Tom Thumb (Germany)p. 104
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids (Germany)p. 109
Little Red Riding Hood (Germany)p. 112
The Juniper Tree (Germany)p. 115
The Golden Goose (Germany)p. 122
Thousand-Furs (Germany)p. 126
Rumpelstiltskin (Germany)p. 131
Mother Holle (Germany)p. 134
Sleeping Beauty (Germany)p. 137
The Queen Bee (Germany)p. 140
The Bremen Town Musicians (Germany)p. 142
Hansel and Gretel (Germany)p. 145
The Merman and the Farmer (Germany)p. 151
Crab (Italy)p. 152
Bastianelo (Italy)p. 154
The Cock and the Mouse (Italy)p. 157
The Thoughtless Abbot (Italy)p. 158
Don Demonio's Mother-in-law (Spain)p. 160
Tonino and the Fairies (Spain)p. 166
I Ate the Loaf (Spain)p. 170
The Half-Chick (Spain)p. 171
A Legend of Saint Nicholas (Holland)p. 174
The Hare and the Tortoise (Ancient Greece)p. 177
The Fox and the Grapes (Ancient Greece)p. 178
The Goose with the Golden Eggs (Ancient Greece)p. 178
The Man, the Boy and the Donkey (Ancient Greece)p. 179
Eros and Psyche (Ancient Greece)p. 180
The Twelve Months (Modern Greece)p. 186
British Isles
Jack and the Beanstalk (England)p. 193
Jack the Giant-Killer (England)p. 198
Tom Tit Tot (England)p. 207
The Boggart (England)p. 211
Good and Bad News (England)p. 212
The Hand of Glory (England)p. 213
Lazy Jack (England)p. 214
Molly Whuppie (England)p. 216
Teeny-Tiny (England)p. 219
The Three Wishes (England)p. 220
Dick Whittington and His Cat (England)p. 221
The Pied Piper (England)p. 228
Master of All Masters (England)p. 231
Munachar and Manachar (Ireland)p. 232
The Field of Boliauns (Ireland)p. 235
The Fisherman's Son and the Gruagach of Tricks (Ireland)p. 237
The Thirteenth Son of the King of Erin (Ireland)p. 247
The Birth of Fin MacCoul (Ireland)p. 256
Fin MacCoul and the Fenians of Erin in the Castle of Fear Dubh (Ireland)p. 264
Black, Brown, and Gray (Ireland)p. 270
The Brownie of Blednock (Scotland)p. 275
The Midwife (Scotland)p. 280
The Wee, Wee Mannie (Scotland)p. 281
The Cow on the Roof (Wales)p. 283
Scandinavia and Northern Europe
East of the Sun and West of the Moon (Norway)p. 287
Boots and the Troll (Norway)p. 296
Gudbrand on the Hillside or What the Good Man Does Is Always Right (Norway)p. 300
The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body (Norway)p. 304
The Lad Who Went to the North Wind (Norway)p. 310
The Master Thief (Norway)p. 313
The Three Billygoats Gruff (Norway)p. 326
The Mastermaid (Norway)p. 327
Not a Pin to Choose Between Them (Norway)p. 340
Princess on the Glass Hill (Norway)p. 345
Why the Bear Is Stumpy-Tailed (Norway)p. 353
Why the Sea Is Salt (Norway)p. 354
The Tinderbox (Denmark)p. 358
Peter Bull (Denmark)p. 364
Maid Lena (Denmark)p. 368
The Old Woman and the Tramp or Nail Broth (Sweden)p. 377
Salt and Bread (Sweden)p. 381
The Seal's Skin (Iceland)p. 383
The Pig-Headed Wife (Finland)p. 384
The Forest Bride (Finland)p. 387
God and the Devil Share the Harvest (Latvia)p. 394
The Bul-Bul Bird (Latvia)p. 395
East Europe
The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (Russia)p. 403
The Baba Yaga (Russia)p. 411
The Firebird, the Horse of Power and the Princess Vasilissa (Russia)p. 414
The Story of King Frost (Russia)p. 422
Prince Hedgehog (Russia)p. 425
Salt (Russia)p. 428
The Treasure (Russia)p. 438
Woe (Russia)p. 441
Clever Manka (Czechoslovakia)p. 447
Intelligence and Luck (Czechoslovakia)p. 452
Czar Trojan's Ears (Yugoslavia)p. 455
A Stroke of Luck (Hungary)p. 457
It Could Always Be Worse (Yiddish)p. 459
Chelm Justice (Yiddish)p. 460
Saint or Horse (Yiddish)p. 461
When Hershel Eats- (Yiddish)p. 462
Middle East
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Arabian Nights)p. 467
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Arabian Nights)p. 478
The Fisherman and the Genie (Arabian Nights)p. 485
The Donkey Driver and the Thief (Arabia)p. 488
The Farmer and His Hired Help (Afghanistan)p. 490
Don't Throw Stones from Not-Yours to Yours (Israel)p. 495
The Three Hares (Turkey)p. 497
Momotaro or The Peach-Boy (Japan)p. 503
The Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumplings (Japan)p. 506
The Sparrow with the Slit Tongue (Japan)p. 509
The Tale of the Oki Islands (Japan)p. 512
The Stonecutter (Japan)p. 516
The Wife's Portrait (Japan)p. 519
Urashima (Japan)p. 521
The Magic Kettle (Japan)p. 523
A Taoist Priest (China)p. 526
Simple Wang (China)p. 528
Faithful Even in Death (China)p. 531
The Young Head of the Family (China)p. 534
The Most Frugal of Men (China)p. 537
The Magic Brocade (China)p. 539
Planting a Pear Tree (China)p. 545
The Groom's Crimes (China)p. 546
A Clever Judge (China)p. 547
Money Makes Cares (China)p. 548
Drinking Companions (China)p. 550
The King's Favorite (China)p. 554
The Clever Thief (Korea)p. 555
The Tiger's Whisker (Korea)p. 558
Hats to Disappear with (Korea)p. 561
Why the Parrot Repeats Man's Words (Thailand)p. 563
Mister Lazybones (Laos)p. 565
The Fisherman and the Gatekeeper (Burma)p. 567
The Little Lizard's Sorrow (Vietnam)p. 569
The Fly (Vietnam)p. 572
The Valiant Chattee-Maker (India)p. 575
The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal (India)p. 581
How the Raja's Son Won the Princess Labam (India)p. 583
How Sun, Moon, and Wind Went Out to Dinner (India)p. 592
The Monkey and the Crocodile (India)p. 593
Tit for Tat (India)p. 595
The Pacific
How Ma-ui Fished Up the Great Island (Hawaii)p. 599
Why There Are No Tigers in Borneo (Indonesia)p. 602
How Platypuses Came to Australia (Australia)p. 605
The Bunyip (Australia)p. 608
Talk (Africa-Ashanti Tribe)p. 613
Anansi's Hat-shaking Dance (Africa-Ashanti Tribe)p. 615
Anansi and His Visitor, Turtle (Africa-Ashanti Tribe)p. 618
How Spider Obtained the Sky-God's Stories (Africa-Ashanti Tribe)p. 620
Younde Goes to Town (West Africa)p. 623
How Frog Lost His Tail (Africa-Sukuma Tribe)p. 626
The Rubber Man (Africa-Hausa Tribe)p. 627
The Origin of Death (Africa-Akamba Tribe)p. 631
Man Chooses Death (Africa-Madagascar)p. 632
The Woman and the Children of the Sycamore Tree (Africa-Masai Tribe)p. 633
The Wise Dog (Africa-Yoruba Tribe)p. 634
The Hunter and His Magic Flute (Africa-Yoruba Tribe)p. 638
The Funeral of the Hyena's Mother (Africa-Yoruba Tribe)p. 642
Oni and the Great Bird (Africa-Yoruba Tribe)p. 644
The Wooden Spoon and the Whip (Africa-Yoruba Tribe)p. 649
Why There Are Cracks in Tortoise's Shell (Africa-Baila Tribe)p. 652
The Fire on the Mountain (Ethiopia)p. 653
Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky (Africa-Efik-Ibibio)p. 657
A Tug-of-War (Africa-Fan Tribe)p. 658
North America
People Who Could Fly (Black American)p. 663
Baby in the Crib (Black American)p. 665
The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story (Uncle Remus)p. 666
Paul Bunyan's Cornstalk (Western United States)p. 668
The Two Old Women's Bet (Southern United States)p. 671
Jack in the Giants' Newground (Southern United States)p. 674
Senor Coyote and the Dogs (Mexico)p. 686
The Talking Cat (French Canada)p. 688
The Indian Cinderella (Canadian Indian)p. 694
The Deserted Children (American Indian-Gros Ventre Tribe of Montana)p. 697
The Girl Who Married a Ghost (American Indian-The Nisqualli Tribe of Southern Washington)p. 699
The Lost Woman (American Indian-Blackfeet Tribe)p. 704
The Theft of Fire (American Indian-Chippewa Tribe)p. 712
Manabozho and His Toe (American Indian)p. 718
The Raven Brings Light (Alaskan Indian)p. 719
The Sedna Legend (Eskimo)p. 721
Caribbean and West Indies
The Magic Orange Tree (Haiti)p. 727
Greedy Mariani (Haiti)p. 731
Uncle Bouqui and Little Malice (Haiti)p. 734
Bouki Rents a Horse (Haiti)p. 738
Anansi Play with Fire, Anansi Get Burned (Jamaica)p. 741
How El Bizarron Fooled the Devil (Cuba)p. 745
The Story of the Smart Parrot (Puerto Rico)p. 748
Central and South America
How the Devil Constructed a Church (Honduras)p. 753
Three Magic Oranges (Costa Rica)p. 756
The Lucky Table (Costa Rica)p. 760
Brer Rabbit, Businessman (Costa Rica)p. 763
The Search for the Magic Lake (Ecuador)p. 767
The Deer and the Jaguar Share a House (Brazil)p. 774
The Five Brothers (Chile)p. 776
Index of Categories of Talesp. 781
Index of Titlesp. 789
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ISBN: 9780385189491
ISBN-10: 0385189494
Series: The Anchor folktale library
Audience: General
For Ages: 12 - 17 years old
For Grades: 7 - 12
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 816
Published: 1st September 1983
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 20.9 x 13.6  x 4.4
Weight (kg): 0.62
Edition Number: 1