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Basic Plasma Processes on the Sun : International Astronomical Union Symposia - E. R. Priest

Basic Plasma Processes on the Sun

International Astronomical Union Symposia

By: E. R. Priest (Editor), Vinod Krishan (Editor)

Paperback ISBN: 9780792308805
Number Of Pages: 546

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  • Hardcover View Product Published: 30th September 1990

Proceedings of the 142nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Bangalore, India, December 1-5, 1989

Industry Reviews

'The book is thoroughly recommended to those working in solar physics and plasma-astrophysics, as well as those starting a Ph.D. in these fields.'
Space Science Reviews 61:424 (1992)

I. Introduction.- Good Morning.- Welcome.- The Plasma Universe.- II. The Solar Interior.- Interior Structure of the Sun.- The Electrodynamics of Neutrinos in Dispersive Media.- Problems of Solar Convection.- Mechanisms for Dynamo Mode Excitation.- Locating the Seat of the Solar Dynamo.- Helioseismological Determination of Stratification and Dynamic Processes in the Solar Core.- Internal Large-Scale Toroidal Magnetic Field of the Sun.- Magnetic Buoyancy with Viscosity and Ohmic Dissipation and Flux Tube Formation.- Effect of Turbulence on Emerging Magnetic Flux Tubes in the Convection Zone.- Plasma Damping of Gravitational Waves.- Propagation and Oscillation of Neutrinos with Magnetic Moment inside the Sun.- III. Stellar Plasmas.- Magnetic Braking.- Energy Release in Stellar Flares.- Stokes Parameters for Thomson Scattering in Magnetized Plasma.- Classical Treatment of the Compton Collision in General Relativity.- Chromospheric and Coronal Heating Mechanisms.- IV. Photospheric Flows and Magnetic Fields.- Large-Scale Flow Patterns in the Solar Atmosphere.- Sunspot Motions from a Study of Kodaikanal and Mount Wilson Observations.- Observations of Magnetic Features with the German Solar Telescopes at the Observatorio del Teide/Tenerife.- Interpretation of the "Third Harmonic" of the Solar Magnetic Cycle.- Self-Organization Processes on the Sun: The Heliosynergetics.- Linear and Nonlinear Convection with an Aligned Magnetic Field.- V. Photospheric Flux Tubes.- Magnetohydrodynamics of Sunspots.- Sunspot Seismology Theory.- Waves in Magnetic Flux Tubes.- Nonlinear Waves in Flux Tubes.- Resonant Absorption of P-Modes by Sunspots.- Wave Propagation in Sunspots.- On the Location of Footpoints of Sub-Arc-Second Magnetic Structures in the Quiet Solar Photosphere.- VI. Chromospheric And Coronal Heating.- The Heating of the Quiet Solar Chromosphere.- Coronal Heating by DC Currents.- Relaxed States of MHD Turbulence: Minimum Dissipation or Minimum Energy?.- A Case for Alfven Wave Heating.- Recent Advances in Acoustic Heating.- Nonlinear Surface Alfven Wave Propagation in the Solar Atmosphere.- Interaction of Flux Tubes with Sound Waves.- Resonant Absoiption of Alfven Waves and the Associated Phenomenon of Magnetic Reconnection.- Fabry-Perot Interferogram Profiles in ?5303 in Relation to Coronal Structures: 1980 and 1983 Eclipses.- Density Irregularity of the Inner Corona determined from Simultaneous Measurements of the XUV and the K Coronal Brightness.- Simultaneous Organisation of (V, B): The Spicules.- Magnetic Helicity of Oscillating Coronal Loops.- Nonlinear Alfven Waves with Large Larmor Radius Effect.- Cosmic Ray Signatures of Different Types of Solar Wind Streams.- Calcium K Line Profiles as a Function of Latitude and Solar Cycle Phase.- On the Existence of Hydromagnetic Interface Waves in a Structured Atmosphere.- Acoustic Wave Generation in Vertical Magnetic Fields.- Wave Energy Dissipation in the Solar Atmosphere.- VII. Magnetic Reconnection And Coronal Evolution.- Magnetic Reconnection on the Sun.- The Role of Magnetic Reconnection in Flares and Prominence Equations.- Structure and Equilibrium of Coronal Magnetic Fields.- The Evolution of a Sheared Potential Magnetic Field in the Solar Corona.- Storage and Release of Magnetic Energy in a Force-Free Field.- Magnetic Shear and Flares.- Implications of Tension-Free Equilibria for Pre-Flare Energy Build-Up.- Energy Balance in Prominence-Corona Transition Regions.- Numerical Simulations of Solar Disturbances and their Interplanetary Consequences.- Stability of a Massive Current Sheet Supported by a Two-Dimensional Potential Magnetic Field.- Nature of Large-Scale Magnetic Field and Complexity of HCS as observed in Interplanetary Plasma.- The Quasi-Static Evolution of Magnetic Structures on the Sun and Their Topological Reconstruction.- Slight Disappearance of Prominence Plasma to the Solar Corona.- Coronal Loop Interaction.- VIII. Solar Flares.- Plasma Processes in Solar Flares.- Coherent Radiation from Electrostatic Double Layers.- Fast Solar Flare Proton Acceleration by MHD Turbulence.- Super-Alfvenic Beam-Plasma Instabilities in Solar Flares.- Acceleration, Transport of and Radiation by Electrons in Impulsive Phase of Flares.- Diagnosing Solar Plasmas From EUV and X-Ray Emission Lines.- Electrons and X-Ray Emission of Solar Flares.- Relationship between Solar Flares and Solar Cosmic Rays.- Energetic Particles in a Flare Loop: Spectra and Radiation Signatures.- The Interaction of Cometary Plasma with Interplanetary Medium - A Post-Halley View.- Magnetic Field Chromospheric Plasma Interaction and the Problem of die Braking Force in Surge Dynamics.- Observations of Energetic Electrons in Solar Flares.- Role of Beam Foil Spectroscopy in Understanding Basic Plasma Processes on the Sun.- Role of Plasma Spectroscopy in Understanding Plasma Processes on the Sun.- Density Diagnostics of Solar Emission Lines from the Nitrogen-like Mg VI Ion.- Analysis of Prognoz 9 Solar Flare Hard X-ray Data Support for the Non-Thermal Thick Target Model.- Stochastic Dynamics of Protons in Solar Magnetic Loops.- Relationship of Coronal Mass Ejection Events with Solar Flares and Coronal Holes.- Ion Cyclotron Instability and Electron Acceleration in Coronal Magnetic Flux Tubes.- Modelling a Solar Flare from XUV and Radio Observations.- IX. Solar Radio Emission.- Millimeter and Microwave Activity of the Sun.- Electron Beams and Langmuir Turbulence in Solar Type III Radio Bursts Observed in the Interplanetary Medium.- Diagnostics of the Solar Plasma Using Radio Observations with the RATAN-600.- Dual Frequency Variability Study of an Active Region.- Clark Lake Radio Observations of Coronal Mass Ejections.- VLA Observations of the Coronal Plasma.- Type III Bursts Traced from the Solar Surface to 1 AU.- Observations of Solar Continuum Emission at Decameter Wavelengths.- Behaviour of Whistlers in Coronal Magnetic Traps and Its Relevance to a New Fine Structure in Solar Type IV Radio Bursts.- Higher Harmonic Plasma Radiation in Solar Type II Radio Bursts.- Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves in Astrophysical Plasmas.- Microbursts at Meter-Decameter Wavelengths.- The Sun at the VLA's Metric and Decimetric Wavelengths.- VLA-Phoenix Observations of a Narrow-Band Decimetric Burst.- Summary Lecture.- List of Participants.

ISBN: 9780792308805
ISBN-10: 0792308808
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 546
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
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