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Basic Chemical Thermodynamics (Fifth Edition) - E. Brian Smith

Basic Chemical Thermodynamics (Fifth Edition)

Paperback Published: April 2004
ISBN: 9781860944468
Number Of Pages: 180

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This widely acclaimed text, now in its fifth edition and translated into many languages, continues to present a clear, simple and concise introduction to chemical thermodynamics. An examination of equilibrium in the everyday world of mechanical objects provides the starting point for an accessible account of the factors that determine equilibrium in chemical systems. This straightforward approach leads students to a thorough understanding of the basic principles of thermodynamics, which are then applied to a wide range of physico-chemical systems. The book also discusses the problems of non-ideal solutions and the concept of activity, and provides an introduction to the molecular basis of thermodynamics. Over five editions, the views of teachers of the subject and their students have been incorporated. The result is a little more rigour in specifying the dimensions within logarithmic expressions, the addition of more worked examples and the inclusion of a simple treatment of the molecular basis of thermodynamics. Students on courses in thermodynamics will continue to find this popular book an excellent introductory text.

Notationp. xiii
Introductionp. 1
The scope and nature of chemical thermodynamicsp. 1
Equilibrium in mechanical systemsp. 2
Reversibility and equilibriump. 4
Why we need thermodynamicsp. 6
The molep. 8
The perfect gasp. 9
Energyp. 10
Workp. 10
Heat and temperaturep. 12
Measurement of temperaturep. 12
Heat and molecular motionp. 13
Conservation of energyp. 14
State functions: a digressionp. 16
Enthalpyp. 18
Heat capacityp. 19
Problemsp. 20
Entropy and equilibriump. 21
Reversibility and equilibrium: a recapitulationp. 21
Condition of equilibriump. 21
Entropyp. 23
Entropy as a state functionp. 25
Entropy of expansion of a gasp. 26
Entropy changes accompanying heat flowp. 27
Entropy and equilibriump. 27
A cosmological asidep. 28
Entropy as a function of pressure and temperaturep. 28
Molecular basis of entropyp. 30
Statistical basis of the Second Lawp. 32
Magnitudes of entropy changesp. 32
Heat enginesp. 33
Problemsp. 35
Equilibrium in chemical systemsp. 36
Free energyp. 36
Gibbs free energyp. 37
Pressure-dependence of free energyp. 40
Temperature variation of free energyp. 41
Phase equilibriap. 42
Clapeyron equationp. 44
Clausius-Clapeyron equationp. 45
The vapour pressure of liquidsp. 46
Chemical potentialp. 48
Chemical potential and free energyp. 49
Equilibrium between gaseous reactantsp. 51
Temperature-dependence of equilibrium constantsp. 55
Effect of pressure on equilibrium constantsp. 57
Basic results of chemical thermodynamicsp. 59
Le Chatelier's Principlep. 61
Problemsp. 62
Determination of thermodynamic quantitiesp. 63
Hess's Lawp. 63
Standard enthalpies of formationp. 64
Average bond energiesp. 65
Temperature dependence of enthalpy changesp. 66
Standard free energies of formationp. 67
Determination of free-energy changesp. 68
Determination of entropies of substancesp. 69
Example of the determination of thermodynamic quantitiesp. 70
Calculation of thermodynamic quantities at temperatures other than 298 Kp. 76
Ellingham diagramsp. 77
Free-energy functionsp. 79
Problemsp. 80
Ideal solutionsp. 82
The ideal solutionp. 82
Properties of truly ideal solutionsp. 85
Mixtures of liquidsp. 86
Ideal solutions of solids in liquidsp. 88
Ideal dilute solutionsp. 90
Colligative propertiesp. 91
Freezing-point depressionp. 92
Elevation of boiling pointp. 96
Osmotic pressurep. 99
Properties of the solute in dilute solutionsp. 100
Solubility of solidsp. 102
Problemsp. 103
Non-ideal solutionsp. 104
The concept of activityp. 104
Activity of solids in liquidsp. 106
Activity in aqueous solutionsp. 107
Chemical equilibria in solutionp. 110
Electrochemical cellsp. 112
Standard electrode potentialsp. 115
Problemsp. 119
Thermodynamics of gasesp. 120
Expansion of a perfect gasp. 120
Irreversible expansionp. 121
Equation of state of gasesp. 123
Joule-Thomson experimentp. 125
Imperfect gases: fugacityp. 126
Calculation of fugacitiesp. 128
Problemsp. 129
Molecular basis of thermodynamicsp. 130
Energy levelsp. 130
Microstatesp. 133
The Boltzmann factorp. 134
Behaviour of heat capacityp. 137
Partition functionsp. 140
Entropy and the partition functionp. 141
Calculation of the translational partition functionp. 145
The rotational partition functionp. 147
Vibrational partition functionp. 148
Evaluation of the properties of gaseous nitrogenp. 149
Chemical equilibriump. 150
Problemsp. 154
Answers to problemsp. 155
Thermochemical data at 298.15 Kp. 156
Thermodynamic data for ions in aqueous solution at 298.15 Kp. 159
Further readingp. 160
Periodic table of elementsp. 161
SI units and list of physical constantsp. 162
Indexp. 163
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ISBN: 9781860944468
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 180
Published: April 2004
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