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Booktopia Bargain Hunter Picks of the Week Who is the Book Bargain Hunter?

Firstly, he loves books. Secondly, he is...careful...with money. He may be a voracious reader, but he also knows a bargain when he sees one, and if he can't see a bargain, he goes looking for one!

Every week, Book Bargain Hunter will grace Booktopia with his presence, scouring the shelves to find the best books at the best prices. Bookmark this page for weekly deals and the strange ramblings of a very strange Book Bargain Hunter.

Fiction Bargains

A great novel is like a box of chocolates, you sometimes buy it as a gift and then have it all for yourself and buy a $20 gift voucher for the person instead. That's because a great story demands to be read, you're unable to look away. Once you read the first page, you're hooked!

Here, ladies and gentlemen, are some spectacular novels for your reading pleasure (and the prices aren't too shabby either!).

Memoir and Biography Bargains

I love reading about someone's life, one day I might write my own memoir, a salacious story of books and bargains. But for now, I can gorge on the incredible stories of others.

No matter how big, no matter how rich, you can find the best memoirs and bios at the best prices in my Picks of the Week.

Kids Bargains

I was a kid once.

That's really all I have. Even though I look after a couple of them, I will never understand children. They're extremely poor bargain hunters. That's why parents are always busy, running around trying to find the best books at the best prices.

No longer, let the Book Bargain Hunter take care of that...

Teens Bargains

Those pesky teens, with their loud music and complicated music devices. All they want to do is be by themselves, be constantly entertained, travel to faraway...

Hey, teens make PERFECT readers! Quick, let's get a book in their hands while their iPod is charging!

True Crime Bargains

Personally, I feel that anyone who doesn't visit this page every week for the latest bargains and musings from me to be real criminals, but the police disagree and always ask me the leave the station when I tell them this.

But you know, non-bargain-book related crime is pretty hairy at times, so why not turn the TV off and get the REAL stories here.

Cooking Bargains

I'm not what you would call a good cook. I admit that my food is widely regarded as a touch inedible. But darn it if I'm not going to will myself towards cooking glory.

It all starts with cookbooks. Cheap cookbooks...

Sporting Bargains

I enjoy yelling at the television just as much as the next person, so sport is kind of a reason to do so without drawing attention to myself.

You can yell at a book as well. A cheap book. A cheap sports book.

The Bargain Hunter's Favourite Books of the Year (so far)

I'm lucky enough to do a lot of reading for my job.

I'm not one to give outlandish guarantees, but I guarantee you will love these books.

So, there we are.