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Avery's Hat- tastic Adventures Book1- How Does A Hat Save The Day? : Avery's Hat-Tastic Adventures - Ellie Royce

Avery's Hat- tastic Adventures Book1- How Does A Hat Save The Day?

By: Ellie Royce, Mardi Davies (Illustrator)

Paperback | 21 June 2022

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Have you ever wanted to be someone else? To have special powers, or do something different? Avery Mc Daniel is only seven, but she knows that something special happens every time she puts on one of her wide and wonderful collection of hats. Wearing a hat, Avery can be anything; a detective one day, a chef, gardener, or pirate the next.

 Avery believes that every occasion needs a hat to make it perfect, and that every problem can be solved with the help of a hat. If you don't believe her, she'll tell you why! She's a little bit quirky, a little bit feisty, a little bit stubborn and a whole lot of fun. Once Avery finds the right hat, along with her best friend Olivia and Olivia's dog Gatsby, away we go on another adventure.

Avery doesn't always get it right (even though she thinks she does) but with friends like Olivia and Gatsby, kindness and friendship always win the day.

These positive, true to life, stand-alone stories with their themes of imagination, friendship, family and real-life challenges will have readers from ages 5-8 who love Billie B Brown, Violet Mackerel, Ginger Green and Lulu Bell welcoming Avery Mc Daniel into their world with open arms.

 In Book 1 -How Does a Hat Save the Day? Sam the Scarecrow is in danger of being pulled apart and recycled, so Avery and Olivia stage a 'sit in', just like Ghandi. One of Avery's hats might just save the day. But will it be her favourite, and can she bear to part with it, even to save Sam?

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