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Avanti : Beginning Italian - Aski


Beginning Italian

By: Aski

Hardcover Published: 6th January 2017
ISBN: 9780077736446
Number Of Pages: 576
For Ages: 18+ years old

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Informed by second-language acquisition research and supported by cutting-edge digital tools, the complete Avanti! program creates a dynamic learning environment that fosters communication and motivates students to succeed. With Connect and LearnSmart, Avanti's learning platform gives instructors maximum flexibility to structure the learning experience inside and outside the classroom. Avanti! is known for its focus on the most critical language for communication, its active presentation of vocabulary and grammar, systematic review and recycling, and inclusion of real-world culture. With Avanti!, students not only learn Italian- they develop a deep appreciation for Italian culture.

The Avanti! program is built around the following principles:

Focused Approach / Flexible Content: Avanti! responds to instructors' concerns that most programs attempt to cover too much material in the first year. Informed by second-language acquisition research, this introductory course reflects a reasonable expectation for the amount of material that most beginning learners can acquire in one year of classroom instruction. The Strutture sections include the core structures that are necessary for meaningful communication at the elementary level. Additional structures are either presented "for recognition only" or appear in Per saperne di piu with associatedinductive presentations and activities in Connect, giving instructors maximum flexibility to teach the grammar they want to teach. The Connect platform includes an assignment builder feature that allows instructors to fully customize the course content to meet the needs of their particular students. Instructors may choose to assign all or some of the textbook and workbook activities as well as some or all of the grammar points presented in Per saperne di piu, based on their course goals and the course delivery method: face-to-face, hybrid, or online. A major highlight of the fourth edition is the addition of 25 engaging Grammar Tutorial Videos that present key grammar points with related practice activities.

Communicative Competence: Avanti!satisfies students' desire to communicate in everyday situations from the very beginning through a guided and gradual process of acquisition. In the Strategie di comunicazione videos that open each chapter, students see and hear Italians of all ages and backgrounds using high-frequency, practical expressions that students can immediately begin using. The Lessico sections have been revised to include the most up-to-date high-frequency vocabulary in use today. The Strutture sections guide students from working with Italian at the word- and sentence-level until they arrive at the final section of each chapter, Cultura, where they engage in listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities at the discourse level. Outside of class, Connect provides voice tools such as Blackboard Instant Messaging for partnered speaking practice and the Voice Board for posting voice recordings to an asynchronous voicemail thread. With Avanti! students are always well supported in their practice inside and outside of the classroom, building their communicative competence and their confidence.

Cultural Competence: Avanti! provides a meaningful and extensive exploration of Italy's rich and unique culture. In addition to the Strategie di comunicazione videos and the Grammatica dal vivo videos that feature contemporary language as it is spoken today, the Il blog di... videos showcase four different regions of Italy. Brief readings and interactive cultural activities also promote an understanding of cultural products, practices, and perspectives throughout the program. All chapters end with reading, listening, speaking and writing activities that explore cultural topics in furtherdepth. New to the fourth edition is a feature called Scopriamo le belle arti! Based on the fine art chapter opener, the Lingua e Arte activities integrate both language review and art appreciation. Finally, each chapter now alternates between film and song activities, newly titled Scopriamo il cinema! and Scopriamo la musica!

Recycling vocabulary and structures for maximum exposure is a key feature of Avanti. Every fourth chapter provides practice of four previously taught grammar points, which are then followed by a related topic. Chapter 16 contains only review grammar sections, providing students with additional practicewith challenging structures. The Lingua e Arte activities that close each chapter integrate both language review and culture. With LearnSmart, our adaptive learning tool, students can practice key vocabulary and grammatical points outside of class. This proven systemhelps students identify what they don't know and provides them with the optimal learning path to help them learn those concepts. LearnSmart also identifies the concepts students are most likely to forget and encourages periodic review to ensure that they retain what they have learned. In the fourth edition, LearnSmart now includes modules for all the grammar and vocabulary covered in Avanti, including updated high-frequency vocabulary. By assigning both Connect activities and the LearnSmart vocabulary and grammar modules, instructors can ensure that students are optimally prepared for in-class communication.

Avanti 4e Table of Contents Capitolo 1 Per cominciare Strategie di comunicazione Greeting someone Finding out someone's name Finding out where someone is from Saying good-bye Expressing likes and dislikes Lessico Alphabet and pronunciation Days of the week Months and seasons Numbers from 0 to 9,999 Strutture Gender Indefinite articles Number Definite articles The verb piacere [s/b bf] Cultura Italian gestures Famous Italians Per saperne di piu Gender Number Capitolo 2 Com'e? Strategie di comunicazione Asking how someone is Asking someone's nationality Lessico Describing people, places, and things Strutture Adjectives The verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have) There is / There are Possessive adjectives Cultura Origins of Italian last names Per saperne di piu Irregular plural adjectives The demonstrative pronouns questo and quello Other adjectives that precede the noun The verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have) Capitolo 3 Cosa ti piace fare? Strategie di comunicazione Getting someone's attention; Asking and telling time Asking when events occur Saying what you like to do in your free time Lessico Talking about your daily activities Strutture The infinitive of the verb The present indicative of regular verbs Verbs with spelling and/or pronunciation changes Irregular verbs Cultura Italian schedules Per saperne di piu The verbs rimanere (to remain) and scegliere (to choose) Capitolo 4 Che bella famiglia! Strategie di comunicazione Review Meeting people and finding out what they do for a living Commenting on things and complimenting people Lessico Talking about your family Strutture Review Possessive adjectives Possessives with family members Interrogatives The interrogatives quanto (how much) and quale (which) The present indicative More irregular verbs Adjectives The comparative Cultura The Italian Family Emiliano's blog: Rome Per saperne di piu Suffixes Comparatives of inequality with che Comparatives of equality Capitolo 5 A tavola! Strategie di comunicazione Inviting someone to do something Declining an invitation and making excuses Lessico Restaurant terms and items on an Italian menu Strutture The superlative Verb + infinitive Prepositions The partitive Cultura Italian table manners and food Per saperne di piu The preposition da The pronoun ci Capitolo 6 I vestiti e la moda Strategie di comunicazione Making polite requests Asking permission Lessico Describing your clothes Strutture Direct and indirect objects Present progressive Reflexive verbs Adverbs Cultura Italian fashion and clothing Per saperne di piu Molto and poco Buono/cattivo versus bene/male Capitolo 7 Cosa hai fatto questo weekend? Strategie di comunicazione Expressing surprise, pain, and so on Asking what happened Lessico Talking about your weekend activities Strutture The present perfect of regular verbs The present perfect of irregular verbs Negative expressions Cultura Italian music Per saperne di piu The present perfect: piacere Other negative expressions Capitolo 8 Che bella festa! Strategie di comunicazione Review Asking for information Expressing good wishes Lessico Talking about Italian and American holiday celebrations Strutture Review Reflexive verbs Reciprocal verbs The present perfect The present perfect of reflexive and reciprocal verbs Definite and indefinite articles The use of definite and indefinite articles Prepositions The prepositions in and a Cultura Italian holidays and festivals Luca's blog: Bologna Per saperne di piu The present perfect of dovere, potere, and volere The pronoun ne Capitolo 9 La scuola e i giovani Strategie di comunicazione Finding out someone's future plans Describing how things used to be Lessico Talking about education and professions Strutture The imperfect The imperfect versus the present perfect The past progressive Cultura Italian school system Pinocchio Per saperne di piu da/per + expressions of time The imperfect versus the present perfect: sapere and conoscere Capitolo 10 La vita e il benessere Strategie di comunicazione Expressing regret Expressing regret, sorrow, and making apologies Lessico Activities, hobbies, and well-being La salute Strutture Using the present to talk about the future The future Hypotheticals of probability Cultura Sports in Italy Per saperne di piu The future of probability Capitolo 11 Casa dolce casa Strategie di comunicazione Managing conversations Seeking approval and expressing hesitation Lessico Describing Italian houses and furniture Strutture Object pronouns Indefinite pronouns The relative pronoun che Cultura Houses in Pompeii Lodging in Italy Per saperne di piu Object pronouns and the present perfect Indefinite adjectives The relative pronoun cui (whom/which) Capitolo 12 In citta Strategie di comunicazione Review Expressing opinions Lessico Talking about Italian cities and towns Strutture Review The present perfect of irregular verbs The past absolute The imperfect versus the passato prossimo The imperfect versus the past absolute The comparative The irregular comparative Object pronouns More about the verb piacere Cultura Italian cities Barbara's blog: Florence Per saperne di piu Double object pronouns Capitolo 13 Andiamo in ferie! Strategie di comunicazione Expressing wishes and desires Making suggestions and giving advice Lessico Talking about vacations Strutture The present conditional The informal imperative The formal imperative Cultura Italian vacations Per saperne di piu The past conditional Capitolo 14 Chi sono gli italiani? Strategie di comunicazione Talking about what people do in general Explaining how things are done Lessico Talking about Italian society today Strutture Si + verb The present subjunctive Verbs and expressions followed by the subjunctive Cultura Italian demograhics Per saperne di piu More irregular verbs in the subjunctive a/di + infinitive Capitolo 15 Quali lingue parli? Strategie di comunicazione Asking and verifying whether someone can do something Recognizi ng regional varieties of Italian Lessico The languages of Italy Strutture The past subjunctive The subjunctive versus the indicative Hypotheticals of possibility Cultura History of the Italian language Per saperne di piu Conjunctions followed by the subjunctive The imperfect subjunctive Capitolo 16 Sono famosi Strategie di comunicazione Review Making recommendations Lessico Talking about historical people and events Strutture Review The infinitive and present indicative The present perfect The imperfect Object pronouns Cultura History of Italian art Enrica's blog: Naples Per saperne di piu Stressed pronouns Pronominal verbs and the idiomatic expressions: andarsene, farcela, and avercela con qualcuno

ISBN: 9780077736446
ISBN-10: 0077736443
Series: Italian
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
For Ages: 18+ years old
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 576
Published: 6th January 2017
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 28.0 x 22.0  x 2.0
Weight (kg): 1.41
Edition Number: 4
Edition Type: Revised

Earn 248 Qantas Points
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