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The Jack Russel : Dog Detective Collection : Dog Den Mystery / The Phantom Mudder / The Mugged Pug (MP3) - Darrel and Sally Odgers

The Jack Russel : Dog Detective Collection

Dog Den Mystery / The Phantom Mudder / The Mugged Pug (MP3)


Published: 1st June 2014
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Dog den mystery: I applied my super-sniffer to the job. The strange dog scent was stronger. That meant the strange dog was in the dog den. Had the dog-nappers struck already? Were they planning a wave of dognappings all over Doggeroo? When Jack and Sarge move to the town of Doggeroo, Jack soon notices that things are going missing. He doesn't mind when an old boot from the yard disappears, but when his squeaker bone, dinner, dinner bowl and blanket vanish, Jack knows that something sinister is afoot.Jack Russell is a dog-detective with a nose for whodunit and, though he is often hampered by the well-meaning but bumbling "Red", he always manages to sniff out his quarry in the end.

The phantom mudder: Intriguing, funny whodunit mystery.

In print by Scholastic.

Doggeroo has been running its famous Annual Dog Show for 150 years, and this year Jack's landlord, Sarge, is one of the stewards. Someone is nobbling the entrants, muddying their coats just before their classes. Could it be the dogs themselves, striking a blow for the right to roll? Jack thinks not - and is proved right when Lord Red is one of the victims. Jack soon sniffs out the true culprit ...

The mugged pug: Intriguing, funny whodunit mystery.

Third of a hilarious four-book series.

Jack Russell: the detective with a nose for crime. What's happening to the collars of Doggeroo? First Shuffle the Pug gets mugged. Then the ranger catches him without a collar. So when Red's collar is stolen, Jack knows he has a case on his hands. Will an attack of the Jack-pack be enough to nobble the mugger? Can Jack get to the bottom of - THE MUGGED PUG?

About the Authors

Sally Odgers was born in Tasmania in the 1950s, went to school there in the 1960s, married there in the 1970s, and had her children there in the 1980s. Her first book was published in 1977.

Darrel Odgers was born in Tasmania. He has been married to Sally Odgers since 1979, and they have two adult children. Darrel and Sally Odgers have co-written several books, including the popular Jack Russell: Dog Detective series.

ISBN: 9781486215089
ISBN-10: 1486215084
Series: Jack Russell dog detective collection #1
Audience: Children
Format: MP3 CD
Language: English
Published: 1st June 2014
Dimensions (cm): 12.2 x 13.2
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Edition Type: Unabridged