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Psycog : Explorations in Perception and Cognition - Robert A. Wyttenbach


Explorations in Perception and Cognition

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This CD-Rom presents over 40 interactive demonstrations and 18 data-generating experiments in sensory and cognitive psychology. Included are interactive explanatory figures, demonstrations of phenomena, and common visual illusions. The experiments generate quantitative data, including data files and graphs. PLEASE NOTE: At this time, PsyCog is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). A new version that is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 is expected to be available in Spring 2012.

PART 1: SIZE AND THE RETINA Visual Angle (Interactive Explanation; Examples) Sinusoidal Gratings Color Vision Color Aftereffect (Demonstration and Experiment) Opponent Process Simulation PART 2: BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST Brightness Contrast (Demonstration and Experiment) Hering Grid Illusion and Variant - Adjust Parameters Concentric Bands Illusion and Explanation Color Contrast (Two Demonstrations) Wertheimer-Benary Illusion Munker-White Illusion Cornsweet Effect Bezold Effect PART 3: VISUAL MOTION Motion Aftereffect (Demonstration and Experiment) Kitaoka Illusory Motion Illusion Leviant Illusory Motion Illusion Pinna Illusory Motion Illusion PART 4: DEPTH PERCEPTION Ocular Cues to Depth Perception (Interactive Explanation) Binocular Disparity (Interactive Demonstration) Stereo Viewer Types (Interactive Demonstration) PART 5: SIZE ILLUSIONS Muller-Lyer Poggendorf Ponzo Vertical-Horizontal Vertical Bisection Ebbinghaus-Delboeuf Lipps PART 6: VISION, MISCELLANEOUS McCollough Effect Troxler Effect PART 7: SOUND LOCALIZATION Interaural Time and Intensity Difference (Interactive Demonstration and Explanation) Jeffress Model (Interactive Explanation) Cues Beyond ITD and IID (Examples of Stereo Sounds) PART 8: PITCH PERCEPTION Tritone Paradox Tritone Player (Interactive Demonstration) Infinite and Illusory Scales (Interactive Demonstration) PART 9: LANGUAGE Categorical Perception, Labeling Curve Categorical Perception, Discrimination Test Ba/Pa Continuum (Auditory Demonstration) Voice-Onset Time (Explanation) Stroop Effect (Reaction Time Experiment and Demonstration) PART 10: VISUAL SEARCH Disjunct Features Conjunction of Features Hemispheric Interference PART 11: ATTENTION Card Trick Demonstration PART 12: ICONIC MEMORY Whole Report Demonstration Partial Report Demonstration Whole versus Partial Report Effect of Array Size Decay of Icon Effect of Masking Estimate from Cyclic Visual Noise PART 13: ECHOIC MEMORY Estimate from Cyclic Noise PART 14: SCANNING OF WORKING MEMORY Sternberg Memory Search PART 15: IMPLICIT LEARNING Experiment Control Retention Tests Explanation of Artificial Grammar Used Above Eyewitness Testimony Loftus' Experiment Condition A Loftus' Experiment Condition B Police Lineup Photo Spread Police Lineup Sequential Test Police Lineup Demonstration (for Lectures) PART 16: MENTAL IMAGERY Mental Rotation (With 6 Possible Variations for Extended Projects)

ISBN: 9780878939503
ISBN-10: 0878939504
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Published: 2nd May 2006
Country of Publication: US
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