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Atomic Physics at Accelerators: Stored Particles and Fundamental Physics : Proceedings of the APAC 2001, held in Aarhus, Denmark, 8-13 September 2001 - Helge Knudsen

Atomic Physics at Accelerators: Stored Particles and Fundamental Physics

Proceedings of the APAC 2001, held in Aarhus, Denmark, 8-13 September 2001

By: Helge Knudsen (Editor), Jens Ulrik Andersen (Editor), Heinz-Jurgen Kluge (Editor)


Published: 31st December 2003
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The present Proceedings of the 3rd Euroconference on Atomic Physics at Accelerators : Stored Particles and Fundamental Physics (APAC2001), which was held at University of Aarhus, Denmark, September 8-13, 2001 contains papers on recent research on atomic physics applying traps and storage rings. In particular, subjects covered are: Recombination measurements at storage rings and theory, measurements of fundamental constants, spectra and lifetimes of highly charged ions, atomic lifetimes and spectra, ionization, fragmentation and electron capture, cooling of beams in traps and storage rings, new developments in charged particle traps and storage rings, weak interactions, investigations relevant for astrophysics, clusters, biomolecules, aerosols and nanoparticles, and atomic physics with antiparticles. Together with the proceedings of the earlier conferences in this series: APAC2000 on Mass Spectrometry (19-23 September 2000 Cargese, Corsica, France) and APAC1999 on Laser Spectroscopy and Applications (19-24 September 1999, Mainz, Germany) it gives a comprehensive overview on recent achievements of atomic physics at accelerators. The book's intended target group is students and resear

Prefacep. 1
Recombination Measurements at Ion Storage Ringsp. 5
Enhancement of Low-Energy Electron Ion Recombination in a Magnetic Fieldp. 13
Recombination Enhancement in Electron Coolersp. 19
Enhancement of Dielectronic Recombination by External Electromagnetic Fieldsp. 23
Radiative Electron Capture into the K- and L-Shell of H-, He-, and Li-Like Uranium Ions at Relativistic Energiesp. 29
Polarization of the Lyman-[alpha][subscript 1] Line Following the Radiative Recombination of Bare, High-Z Ionsp. 35
Dielectronic Recombination of Very Heavy Lithiumlike Ionsp. 41
Measurement of the g Factor of the Bound Electron in Hydrogen-like Oxygen [superscript 16]O[superscript 7+]p. 47
Mass of the Electron from the Electronic g Factor in Hydrogenlike Carbon - the Influence of Other Fundamental Parametersp. 53
Towards a Measurement of the n = 2 Lamb Shift in Hydrogen-like Nitrogen Using an Electron Beam Ion Trapp. 59
Vacuum-Polarization Corrections to Parity-Nonconserving Effects in Atomic Systemsp. 67
Toward a New Test of the Relativistic Time Dilation Factor by Laser Spectroscopy of Fast Ions in a Storage Ringp. 71
The Weak Interaction Studied with Trapped Ions and Atomsp. 77
The Legnaro Francium Magneto-Optical Trapp. 83
WITCH: A Penning Trap Retardation Spectrometer Combination for Precision Studies of the Weak Interactionp. 91
Structure and Dynamics of High-Z Ions Studied at the ESR Storage Ringp. 97
Fast-Beam Laser Spectroscopy of Helium-like Siliconp. 103
Physics with Highly-Charged Ions in an EBITp. 109
Systematic Calculations of Total Atomic Binding Energiesp. 115
Relativistic Transition Energies and Radiative Transition Rates for Forbidden Transitions in the 1s[superscript 2]2s[superscript 2]2p[superscript 4] Atomic Configuration for 20 [actual symbol not reproducible] Z [actual symbol not reproducible] 30p. 121
Correlation and Relativistic Effects on Lande gj Factors of Atomic Ionsp. 127
Magnetic Sublevel Population Studied for H- and He-like Uranium in Relativistic Ion-Atom Collisionsp. 133
Lifetime Measurement of the Metastable 2[superscript 3]P[subscript 0] State in Helium-like [superscript 197]Aup. 139
Nuclear and Electron Polarization Contributions to the HFS of Hydrogen- and Lithium-like Ionsp. 145
Studies of Lifetimes in an Ion Storage Ring Using Laser Techniquep. 151
Strong Relaxation and Correlation Effects on the 2p[superscript 5]3s-2p[superscript 6] Spectrum of Neutral Neonp. 161
Threshold Laws for Four-Particle Fragmentation: Mass Effectsp. 171
Subshell Resolved Measurements of Single Electron Capture in Slow Ne[superscript 7+]-Helium Collisionsp. 177
Vertical Blow-up in a Low-Current, Stored, Laser-Cooled Ion Beamp. 183
Laser-Cooled Ions and Atoms in a Storage Ringp. 189
Electron Cooling of Positrons in LEPTAp. 197
Stability of Crystalline Ion Beamsp. 203
Observations of Ordered Beams in CRYRINGp. 209
Cold Electrons from Cryogenic GaAs Photocathodes: Energetic and Angular Distributionsp. 215
Study of Cooling and Storage Properties of a Gas-Filled Linear Paul Trap Coupled to a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Mass Measurements of Exotic Nucleip. 219
New Magnetic Storage Ringsp. 225
Research with Trapped keV Ion Beamsp. 231
First Results of Ion Trapping in the Dresden EBIT IIp. 237
SHIPTRAP is Trapping: A Capture and Storage Device on Its Way towards a RIB-Facilityp. 245
Design Studies of an Electrostatic Storage Ringp. 253
First Tests of a Linear Radiofrequency Quadrupole for the Cooling and Bunching of Radioactive Light Ionsp. 259
Molecular Physics in Storage Rings: From Laboratory to Spacep. 265
Astrophysically Motivated, Forbidden-Line Lifetime Measurements on Iron Ions (Fe[superscript 9+]-Fe[superscript 12+]) Using a Heavy-Ion Storage Ringp. 269
Laser Investigations of Stored Metal Cluster Ionsp. 275
Studies of Clusters and Biomolecules in ELISAp. 283
Molecular Ions and Nanoparticles in RF and AC Trapsp. 293
Carbon Cluster Ions For a Study of the Accuracy of ISOLTRAPp. 307
Atomic Spectroscopy and Collisions Using Slow Antiprotons - the ASACUSA Experiment at CERN-ADp. 313
Practical Uses of Antiprotonsp. 319
Energy Levels of Hydrogenlike Kaonic Atomsp. 325
High-Precision Calculation of the Fine and Hyperfine Structure Splittings of Antiprotonic Helium-3,4 Atomsp. 331
Time-Dependent Coupled-Channel Calculations of the Annihilation Rate in Positron-Hydrogen Collisionsp. 337
Measurement of the Strong Interaction Shift and Width of the Ground State of Pionic Hydrogenp. 343
Author Indexp. 349
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