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Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy : Basic Aspects and Practical Applications - Sune Svanberg

Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

Basic Aspects and Practical Applications

Paperback Published: 4th December 2003
ISBN: 9783540203827
Number Of Pages: 580

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Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy is a wide-ranging review of modern spectroscopic techniques such as X-ray, photoelectron, optical and laser spectroscopy, and radiofrequency and microwave techniques. On the fundamental side it focuses on physical principles and the impact of spectroscopy on our understanding of the building blocks of matter, while in the area of applications particular attention is given to those in chemical analysis, photochemistry, surface characterisation, environmental and medical diagnostics, remote sensing and astrophyscis. The Fourth Edition also provides the reader with an update on laser cooling and trapping, Bose-Einstein condensation, ultra-fast spectroscopy, high-power laser/matter interaction, satellite-based astronomy and spectroscopic aspects of laser medicine. Important references are also brought up to date.

Industry Reviews

From the reviews of the fourth edition:

"The strength of Svanberg's book is in its focus on practical spectroscopy, preferring to illustrate a catalogue of techniques by showcasing real experiments from the literature with detailed descriptions of each backed by appropriate figures and providing the reader with a wealth of references ... to key papers rather than concentrating on heavy mathematical detail. ... continues to be one of a small number of leading texts on the illustration on the practice of A & M spectroscopy." (Dr. J.T. Costello, Contemporary Physics, Vol. 46 (1), 2005)

Introductionp. 1
Atomic Structurep. 5
One-Electron Systemsp. 5
Alkali Atomsp. 7
Magnetic Effectsp. 8
Precessional Motionp. 8
Spin-Orbit Interactionp. 9
General Many-Electron Systemsp. 10
The Influence of External Fieldsp. 17
Magnetic Fieldsp. 18
Electric Fieldsp. 21
Hyperfine Structurep. 23
Magnetic Hyperfine Structurep. 23
Electric Hyperfine Structurep. 25
The Influence of External Fields (hfs)p. 26
Isotopic Shiftsp. 29
Molecular Structurep. 31
Electronic Levelsp. 32
Rotational Energyp. 35
Vibrational Energyp. 36
Polyatomic Moleculesp. 37
Clustersp. 39
Other Molecular Structuresp. 40
Radiation and Scattering Processesp. 41
Resonance Radiationp. 41
Spectra Generated by Dipole Transitionsp. 51
Atomsp. 52
Moleculesp. 55
Rayleigh and Raman Scatteringp. 61
Raman Spectrap. 63
Vibrational Raman Spectrap. 63
Rotational Raman Spectrap. 64
Vibrational-Rotational Raman Spectrap. 64
Mie Scatteringp. 65
Atmospheric Scattering Phenomenap. 66
Comparison Between Different Radiation and Scattering Processesp. 69
Collision-Induced Processesp. 70
Spectroscopy of Inner Electronsp. 71
X-Ray Spectroscopyp. 71
X-Ray Emission Spectroscopyp. 73
X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopyp. 79
X-Ray Imaging Applicationsp. 82
Photoelectron Spectroscopyp. 85
XPS Techniques and Resultsp. 87
Chemical Shiftsp. 90
Auger Electron Spectroscopyp. 95
Optical Spectroscopyp. 97
Light Sourcesp. 97
Line Light Sourcesp. 98
Continuum Light Sourcesp. 106
Synchrotron Radiationp. 108
Natural Radiation Sourcesp. 113
Spectral Resolution Instrumentsp. 114
Prism Spectrometersp. 114
Grating Spectrometersp. 117
The Fabry-PĂ©rot Interferometerp. 121
The Fourier Transform Spectrometerp. 126
Detectorsp. 128
Optical Components and Materialsp. 134
Interference Filters and Mirrorsp. 134
Absorption Filtersp. 138
Polarizersp. 141
Optical Materialsp. 143
Influence of the Transmission Mediump. 144
Optical Methods of Chemical Analysisp. 148
The Beer-Lambert Lawp. 149
Atomic Absorption/Emission Spectrophotometryp. 151
Burners, Flames, Sample Preparation and Measurementsp. 155
Modified Methods of Atomizationp. 156
Multi-Element Analysisp. 157
Molecular Spectrophotometryp. 158
Raman Spectroscopyp. 160
Optical Remote Sensingp. 162
Atmospheric Monitoring with Passive Techniquesp. 164
Land and Water Measurements with Passive Techniquesp. 171
Astrophysical Spectroscopyp. 176
Radio-Frequency Spectroscopyp. 187
Resonance Methodsp. 187
Magnetic Resonancep. 187
Atomic-Beam Magnetic Resonancep. 189
Optical Pumpingp. 197
Optical Double Resonancep. 200
Level-Crossing Spectroscopyp. 203
Resonance Methods for Liquids and Solidsp. 209
Microwave Radiometryp. 218
Radio Astronomyp. 222
Lasersp. 227
Basic Principlesp. 227
Coherencep. 230
Resonators and Mode Structurep. 231
Fixed-Frequency Lasersp. 236
The Ruby Laserp. 236
Four-Level Lasersp. 238
Pulsed Gas Lasersp. 241
The He-Ne Laserp. 243
Gaseous Ion Lasersp. 244
Tunable Lasersp. 246
Dye Lasersp. 246
Colour-Centre Lasersp. 255
Tunable Solid-State Lasersp. 256
Tunable CO2 Lasersp. 257
Semiconductor Lasersp. 259
Nonlinear Optical Phenomenap. 262
Ultra-short and Ultra-high-Power Laser Pulse Generationp. 276
Short-Pulse Generation by Mode-Lockingp. 276
Generation of Ultra-high Power Pulsesp. 282
Laser Spectroscopyp. 287
Basic Principlesp. 287
Comparison Between Conventional Light Sources and Lasersp. 287
Saturationp. 287
Excitation Methodsp. 289
Detection Methodsp. 290
Laser Wavelength Settingp. 292
Doppler-Limited Techniquesp. 294
Absorption Measurementsp. 294
Intracavity Absorption Measurementsp. 296
Absorption Measurements on Excited Statesp. 297
Level Labellingp. 298
Two-Photon Absorption Measurementsp. 299
Opto-Galvanic Spectroscopyp. 301
Single-Atom and Single-Molecule Detectionp. 304
Opto-Acoustic Spectroscopyp. 304
Optical Double-Resonance and Level-Crossing Experiments with Laser Excitationp. 306
Time-Resolved Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopyp. 311
Generation of Short Optical Pulsesp. 312
Measurement Techniques for Optical Transientsp. 312
Background to Lifetime Measurementsp. 318
Survey of Methods of Measurement for Radiative Propertiesp. 319
Quantum-Beat Spectroscopyp. 325
Ultrafast Spectroscopyp. 331
Ultrafast Measurement Techniquesp. 332
Molecular Reaction Dynamics (Femtochemistry)p. 336
Coherent Controlp. 338
High-Power Laser Experimentsp. 339
Above Threshold Ionization (ATI)p. 340
High Harmonic Generationp. 342
X-Ray Laser Pumpingp. 347
Broadband X-Ray Generationp. 348
Relativistic Effects and Laser Acceleratorsp. 351
Laser-Nuclear Interactions and Laser-Driven Fusionp. 351
High-Resolution Laser Spectroscopyp. 351
Spectroscopy on Collimated Atomic and Ionic Beamsp. 352
Saturation Spectroscopy and Related Techniquesp. 359
Doppler-Free Two-Photon Absorptionp. 368
Cooling and Trapping of Ions and Atomsp. 374
Introductionp. 374
Ion Trapsp. 376
Basic Laser Cooling in Trapsp. 377
Trapped Ion Spectroscopyp. 379
Atom Cooling and Trappingp. 379
Sub-Recoil Coolingp. 382
Atom Opticsp. 384
Bose-Einstein Condensation and "Atom Lasers"p. 384
Fermionic "Condensation"p. 387
Laser-Spectroscopic Applicationsp. 389
Diagnostics of Combustion Processesp. 389
Backgroundp. 389
Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Related Techniquesp. 392
Raman Spectroscopyp. 398
Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scatteringp. 398
Velocity Measurementsp. 403
Laser Remote Sensing of the Atmospherep. 406
Optical Heterodyne Detectionp. 407
Long-Path Absorption Techniquesp. 408
Lidar Techniquesp. 414
Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy in Liquids and Solidsp. 425
Hydrospheric Remote Sensingp. 426
Vegetation Monitoringp. 429
Monitoring of Surface Layersp. 430
Laser-Induced Chemical Processesp. 435
Laser-Induced Chemistryp. 435
Laser Isotope Separationp. 436
Spectroscopic Aspects of Lasers in Medicinep. 441
Thermal Interaction of Laser Light with Tissuep. 441
Photodynamic Tumour Therapyp. 443
Tissue Diagnostics with Laser-Induced Fluorescencep. 447
Scattering Spectroscopy and Tissue Transilluminationp. 454
Questions and Exercisesp. 461
Referencesp. 473
Indexp. 573
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ISBN: 9783540203827
ISBN-10: 3540203826
Series: Advanced Texts in Physics (Paperback)
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 580
Published: 4th December 2003
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg Gmbh & Co. Kg
Country of Publication: DE
Dimensions (cm): 21.84 x 14.83  x 2.29
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Edition Number: 4
Edition Type: Revised