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Astronomy from Wide-Field Imaging : Proceedings of the 161st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Potsdam, Germany, August 23-27, 1993 - H. T. MacGillivray

Astronomy from Wide-Field Imaging

Proceedings of the 161st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Potsdam, Germany, August 23-27, 1993

By: H. T. MacGillivray (Editor), Eve B. Thomson (Editor), Barry M. Lasker (Editor), I. Neill Reid (Editor), David F. Malin (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 1st June 1994
ISBN: 9780792328780
Number Of Pages: 760

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The importance of wide-field imaging' in astronomy has never been so evident. The major new deep photographic surveys of the sky are nearing completion. The advent of large-format solid state detectors will provide further deep digital sky survey data. Optical surveys of the sky are being complemented by surveys in other wavebands of the electromagnetic spectrum, principally in the X-ray and near-infrared. The mass of digital data being gathered is driving the need for mass-storage archival capability, and for rapid capabilities in data acquisitioning and processing. New techniques are being developed to optimise the extraction of the information content. The quality and quantity of data now available to astronomers are enabling major new breakthroughs in many fields, e.g. studies of the structure of our own galaxy and properties of nearby galaxies, the large-scale distribution of galaxies and the nature of the mass-content of the Universe. All these facets of wide-field astronomy are brought together (for the very first time) in this book.

Photograph of Participants
List of Participants
Welcoming Address
The Importance of Wide-Field Imagingp. 3
Infrared Wide-Field Surveysp. 13
Wide-Field Imaging and Photometry with 2k x 2k CCDp. 17
Beijing - Arizona Color (BAC) Sky Surveyp. 20
Very Wide-Field Monitoring of the Skyp. 23
The Second Palomar Sky Surveyp. 29
The Palomar Observatory-European Observatory Photographic Atlas of the Northern Skyp. 30
First Steps Toward a CCD-Based Sky Patrolp. 33
SNe From Surveys and Patrolsp. 37
Sonneberg Observatory: Sky Patrol, Field Patrol, the World's Largest Living WFPAp. 43
The Schmidt Telescope at Calar Alto Observatoryp. 46
German Astrophysical Space Projectsp. 49
Mouse: A Mini Observatory for UV Space Exploration of the Galactic Poles and Equatorp. 52
Glazar-2: A Wide-Field Camera Aboard the MIR Space Stationp. 55
Simultaneous Optical/Gamma-Ray Observations of Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 57
Wide-Field Photographic Versus Wide-Field CCD Techniques in the Activity Analysis of dM Starsp. 61
The CCD Array Camera for the Macho Projectp. 67
Lite: The Large Imaging Telescopep. 73
The Hitchhiker Parallel Camera and Studies of Faint Galaxiesp. 77
CCD Imaging with a [actual symbol not reproducible] Fieldp. 79
Digital Image Processing and CCD Imaging at Gothard Astrophysical Observatoryp. 82
A Flair for Multi-Object Spectroscopyp. 85
Near-Infrared Imaging with a Schmidt Telescopep. 89
The ESO Measuring Machinesp. 91
Optical Systems for the 'Large Imaging Telescope' (Lite)p. 93
Wide-Field-Imaging 3-Mirror-Systems with High Light Gathering Power and a Wide-Field Optical System for the 'Large Imaging Telescope' (Lite)p. 101
Newly Developed Diffraction Limited Optics Up to 180 Degrees Object Fieldp. 109
Photography in Wide-Field Astronomyp. 117
Kodak and the Future of Astronomical Photographyp. 127
Use of Kodak Tech-Pan Film at the Ukstup. 129
Photographic Wide-Field Imaging from Schmidt Plates - Ip. 141
Photographic Wide-Field Imaging from Schmidt Plates - IIp. 147
Microspots on IIIa-Emulsions: New Resultsp. 151
Hydrogen-Sensitized Fine-Grain Quasi-T Astronomical Platesp. 157
Digitization in Astronomyp. 163
Digitization Programs at STScIp. 167
Astrometric Programs with the New Hamburg Plate Measuring Machinep. 173
A Deep Wide-Field Survey from Digitally Stacked Schmidt Platesp. 177
Scanning the Sonneberg Plate Archive with DIAp. 183
A Universal Microphotometer with a Rotating Slit: Brief Description and Use in Astronomical Tasksp. 185
A Universal Microphotometer and Solar Corona Polarimetryp. 188
Image Detection, Characterization and Classification, and the Future Role of CCDs in Wide-Field Astrometryp. 193
Cataloging the Northern Sky Using a New Generation of Software Technologyp. 205
Image Inventory Using the Wavelet Transformp. 213
Data Compression and Wavelet Transformsp. 219
Star Image Identification and Characterization on Astrographic Platesp. 225
Classification: Astronomical and Mathematical Overviewp. 227
The Performance of Neural Networks in Astronomical Image Classificationp. 235
Automatic Morphological Classification of Galaxiesp. 243
Faint Object Classification Using Artificial Neural Networksp. 249
Recent Developments in the Work on Automated Spectral Classification by Means of Objective Prism Spectrap. 253
An Extended Scheme of Spectral Classification for Objective Prism Spectrap. 255
Reference Catalogues - Present Status and Future Prospectsp. 261
The System and Quality of the AGK3Up. 271
GSC 1.2 - A Subplate Reduction of the GSCp. 277
Simulation of Stellar Images for Schmidt Plate Astrometryp. 280
Astrometry with Wide-Field Telescopes in the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatoryp. 283
Some Results of CCD-Camera Based Astrometric Plate Measurementsp. 285
Optimized Model-Functions for CCD-Camera Based Astrometric Plate Measurementsp. 288
Astrometric Standard Fields for CCD Observations of Double Starsp. 291
Photometric Calibration and Large-Scale Clustering in the Universep. 295
Photometric Calibrators for All-Sky Surveys: The GSPC-II Programp. 301
Stellar Photometry with Wide-Field CCDs: NGC 6822p. 305
Peculiarities of the Internal Photometrical Calibration Method Using Density Stellar Profilesp. 309
Multi-Parametric Iris-Photometryp. 311
A Photometrical Investigation on the RC System of the 2m Ritchey-Chretien Coude Telescope of the Rozhen Observatoryp. 312
Intensity Calibration in the Presence of a Disturbing Effect Dependent on Wavelengthp. 314
Brightness Calibration of Digitized Objective-Prism Platesp. 317
Digital Processing on Cometsp. 321
The Future of Memory: Archiving Astronomical Informationp. 331
Data Storage Technology: Coping with the Evolutionp. 339
Aladin: An Interactive Deep Sky Mapping Facilityp. 347
Client/Server Access to the SIMBAD Database within the Aladin Projectp. 353
Pickles: A Wide-Field Imaging Toolp. 356
The WG WFI Plate Database (WFPDB): Present Statusp. 359
The Harvard College Observatory Plate Collectionp. 365
The Plate Archive of the Tautenburg Schmidt Telescopep. 367
The Sonneberg Plate Collection: Handling the Archivep. 369
Direct-Photography Observations with the 2 M RCC Telescope at Nao-Rozhen: Catalogue of Plates and Archive-Data Analysisp. 371
Catalogue of the Rozhen Observatory Schmidt Telescopep. 377
Flare Stars Databasep. 380
Asteroid and Comet Surveysp. 385
Star Counts and the Milky Way Structurep. 403
The Luminosity and Mass Functions at the Bottom of the Main Sequencep. 411
The Galactic Disc Evolution from (V, B - V) Counts at the Galactic Polep. 417
Vertical Metallicity Gradient of the Galaxy Based on UBV Starcount Datap. 420
Deep Multi-Colour Starcountsp. 423
Astrometry and Galactic Structurep. 425
The Vertical Structure and Kinematics of the Galaxyp. 435
Wide-Field Stellar Statistics from Tautenburg Schmidt Platesp. 441
Stellar Kinematics in the Galactic North Pole Region on the Basis of Tautenburg Schmidt Telescope Platesp. 444
A Complete, Multicolour Survey of Absolute Proper Motions in the Anticentre Direction at Intermediate Latitude: Kinematics of the Galaxy's Stellar Populationsp. 447
Milli-Arcsecond Proper Motions in the Pleiadesp. 450
Orbits of Galactic Globular Clusters from Schmidt Plate Astrometryp. 453
Membership and Internal Motions of Faint Stars in the Globular Cluster M 3p. 461
Absolute Proper and Space Motion of the Globular Cluster M 2p. 464
Objective-Prism Surveys of the Galaxyp. 467
Objective Prism Study of Star Forming Regionsp. 470
Observations of OB Stellar Associations with the Space Telescope Glazarp. 473
Wide-Field Observations of Variable Stars in the Region of NGC 7129p. 475
The Binaries-in-Clusters Program in the Age of Imagingp. 478
First Observations with the Bonn Wide-Field Photometer and Polarimeter (WWFPP): Surface Polarimetry of the Crab Nebulap. 481
CCD Imaging of Nearby Aged Planetary Nebulaep. 484
New Results on the Magellanic Cloudsp. 489
Extended Surveys of MC Star Clustersp. 497
H[alpha] Survey of the Milky Way and Magellanic Cloudsp. 503
Surveys for Field Carbon Stars in the Magellanic Cloudsp. 509
Carbon Stars in the SMCp. 513
Wide-Field Star Count Mapping of Large Scale Areas of Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloudp. 516
Qualitative Analysis of the Stellar Content in LMC Clusters and Fields Using Objective Prism Schmidt Platesp. 518
CCD and Schmidt-Plate Photometry and Astrometry in Region E of the LMCp. 520
Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxiesp. 525
Absolute Proper Motions of the Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies in Draco and Ursa Minorp. 535
Surveys of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies with 4415 Filmsp. 541
Recent Results from Low Surface Brightness Galaxy Surveysp. 545
Automatic Detection of Low-Surface Brightness Galaxies on Digital Imagesp. 547
Surface Photometry of Low-Surface-Brightness Galaxies in the Area of the NGC 972 Group of Galaxiesp. 553
Global Properties of Nearby Galaxiesp. 559
Interacting Galaxies in the Virgo Clusterp. [s.n.]
Luminosity Function and Spatial Distribution of Nearby Galaxiesp. 577
Hunting for Globular Cluster Candidates in the Far Halo (d ] 20 kpc) of M 31 with the Tautenburg Schmidt Telescopep. 583
An Efficient Method to Survey Typical Objects in Nearby Galaxiesp. 587
Dust in Nearby Dwarf Galaxiesp. 589
UBV Photometry in the Group of Galaxies NGC 2805, NGC 2814, NGC 2820 and MKN 108p. 592
Photographic Surface Photometry of Bright Galaxies in the M 81 Groupp. 594
A Burst of Star Formation in Galaxies of the M 81 Groupp. 596
Wide-Field Imaging of Nearby Galaxies in Near-Infrared Bandsp. 599
Surface Photometry of Galaxies in the Pisces-Perseus Regionp. 603
An Automatic Approach for Selecting New H[alpha] Emission-Line Galaxiesp. 611
A Survey for Ultraviolet-Excess Galaxies with the Kiso Schmidt Telescopep. 615
Photometry of Hickson Compact Group N.90p. 619
Observational Properties of the Shakhbazian Groups SHKH 30 and SHKH 360p. 623
The Photometric and Geometric Parameters of Galaxies in Clusters A 1983, 2065p. 626
Luminosity Distribution in cD Clustersp. 629
Wide-Field Galaxy and Cluster Surveys Using Cosmosp. 632
Galaxy Clustering to B = 27[superscript m]p. 635
Galaxy Number-Counts to B = 28[superscript m]p. 645
The Evolution of Galaxies in the Last 10 GYRp. 649
Optical Identification of Rosat All-Sky Survey Galaxy Cluster Candidatesp. 653
Rosat-Detected Galaxies in the Iras Faint Source Database (FSDB)p. 658
Rapid X-Ray Variability and the Fe II Problem in I Zw 1 Objectsp. 660
Extreme Starburst or Central Activity in X-Ray Luminous Iras Galaxiesp. 662
Cluster Abundance as Test of the Primordial Perturbation Spectrump. 664
Mapping the Large-Scale Structurep. 669
A Redshift Survey in the South Galactic Pole Regionp. 687
Large-Scale Structure in the Durham/UKST Galaxy Redshift Surveyp. 693
The Muenster Redshift Project (MRSP)p. 699
Search for Faint Galaxies Towards Nearby Voidsp. 705
Slitless Spectroscopy with Photographic and CCD Detectors Across Large Fieldsp. 709
Unbiased Multi-Parametric Estimations of Distances and Peculiar Velocities of the Galaxiesp. 715
Quasar Variability from Microlensingp. 721
The Hamburg/ESO Survey for Bright QSOs - Slitless Spectroscopy at High Resolutionp. 723
The Hamburg Quasar Surveyp. 729
The Second Byurakan Surveyp. 731
A Study of the Optical Long-Term Behaviour of Quasarsp. 737
Systematic Search for Quasar Candidates Using the Mama Microdensitometerp. 740
An Overview of Wide-Field Imagingp. 745
IAU Symposium 161 Resolution: Photographic Plate Supplyp. 753
IAU Symposium 161 Resolution: The Future of Sonneberg Observatoryp. 754
IAU Working Group on Wide-Field Imaging: Statement of Goalsp. 755
Author Indexp. 756
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780792328780
ISBN-10: 0792328787
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 760
Published: 1st June 1994
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.37 x 15.75  x 4.57
Weight (kg): 1.23

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