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Astrochemistry : International Astronomical Union Symposia - M. S. Vardya


International Astronomical Union Symposia

By: M. S. Vardya (Editor), S. P. Tarafdar (Editor)

Paperback Published: 30th November 1986
ISBN: 9789027723604
Number Of Pages: 613

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The chemical processes of formation and destruction of molecules have been found to be widespread in astronomical scenario. It occurs in comets, planetary atmospheres including ionospheres, early solar system, stellar atmospheres, circumstellar shells, interstellar clouds, and possibly even in the early universe. Physical conditions are naturally different in the different situations, but there is unity in the underlying physics and chemistry in this diversity. Therefore, a need was felt to gather together astronomers, physicists and chemists in these and allied interdisciplinary fields to enrich each other with their experiences. This International Astronomical Union Symposium No.120 on Astrochemistry, the proceedings of which is this, has partially fulfilled this need. This symposium, held at the beautiful and scenic sea resort of Goa, India, between December 3-7, 1985, under the sponsorship of the IAU Commission No.34 and co-sponsorship of IAU Commissions 14, 15, 29 and 36, was attended by 116 registered participants with 19 accompanied guests from 19 countries. The scientific programme comprised of 34 review talks, 15 invited talks and 47 contributed poster papers, clima- xed by a grand finale by Professor A. Dalgarno with an overview of th~ whole symposium. The Symposium covered almost all aspects of astro- chemistry from the early universe to comets and meteorites, except iono- spheres and planetary atmospheres. Basic atomic and molecular physics, experimental and observational results, and theoretical calculations and modelling, all were stressed.

Industry Reviews

`No astronomical library should be without this well prepared symposium proceeding.'
Solar Physics, 112 (1987)

Basic Studies.- Recent Advances in the studies of Reaction Rates relevant to Interstellar Chemistry (RP).- Ion-Molecule Reaction Studies below 80 K by the CRESU Technique (IP).- Effective Operators in Charge Exchange Studies (CP).- State-Diagnosed Ion-Neutral Collisions leading to Charge Transfer (CP).- An Experimental Study of the Products of Dissociative Recombination of Molecular Ions with Electrons (CP).- Low-Energy Molecular Collision Processes in Space (RP).- Collision Induced Transitions of Molecular Systems of Interstellar Interest through Microwave Pulse Techniques (IP).- Collision-Induced Rotational Excitations of Interstellar Molecules due to He and H2 (CP).- Excitation-Deexcitation of $$ {{rm{N}}_2}^ + left( {{{rm{B}}^2}Sigma _{rm{u}}^ + ,,{rm{v}} = 0} right) $$ Rotational states in a Diffuse Plasma (CP).- Photodissociation Processes of Astrophysical Molecules (RP).- Tunable Ultraviolet Laser Studies of Photon-Molecular Interactions of Cometary Interest (IP).- Molecular Life-Time against Photo-dissociation in Dark Interstellar Clouds (CP).- Microwave Spectroscopy of Molecular Ions in the Laboratory and in Interstellar Space (RP).- Laboratory and Astronomical Spectroscopy of Reactive Hydrocarbons (CP).- Longpath Fourier Transform Spectra of Ammonia (CP).- High Resolution Spectral Studies of some Diatomic Molecules of Astrophysical Interest (CP).- Absorption Spectrum of Atomic Chlorine 95.0 nm to 61.0 nm (CP).- Oscillator strengths for Visible and Ultraviolet Observations of Interstellar Molecules (RP).- Intercombination Transitions between Levels $$ {x^1}sumnolimits_g^ + {,,{rm{and}}} ,,{rm{A}},{}^{rm{3}}{{rm{pi }}_{rm{u}}},,{rm{in}},,{{rm{C}}_{rm{2}}}left( {{rm{CP}}} right) $$.- Hyperfine Structure in the Spectra of Diatomic Molecules with Two Nuclear Spins (CP).- Early Universe.- Chemistry in the Early Universe (RP).- Evolution of Zero-Metal Clouds (CP).- Interstellar Medium.- Optical Observations related to the Molecular Chemistry in Diffuse Interstellar Clouds (RP).- Observations of Molecules in Diffuse Clouds (CP).- A 28kHz-Resolution Acousto-Optic Spectrometer (CP).- Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Observations of Interstellar Clouds (RP).- Infrared Observations of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen (RP).- On the Mechanism of H2 Formation in the Interstellar Medium (CP).- Radio and Millimetre Observations of Less Complex Molecules (RP).- Physical and Chemical Analysis of Orion KL (IP).- Formaldehyde Abundances in the Dense Molecular Cores DR 21 and W 3(OH) (CP).- Radio and Millimetre Observations of Larger Molecules (RP).- Molecular Line Survey of Dark Clouds (IP).- Studies of Organic Molecules Containing Methyl Groups in Dark Clouds (CP).- Theoretical Studies of Interstellar Isomers (CP).- Observations of Unidentified Lines (RP).- Theoretical Studies of Diffuse Cloud Chemistry (RP).- New Constraints on Diffuse Interstellar Cloud Models. The Model of the ? Ophiuchi Cloud Revisited (IP).- Theoretical Studies of Dense Cloud Chemistry (RP).- The Chemistry of Cold, Dark Interstellar Clouds (IP).- Probability for the Formation of Complex Ring Molecules in Interstellar Medium and their Detection Proposal (CP).- The Ionization Rate in Dense Interstellar Clouds (CP).- Hydrostatic Models of Molecular Clouds: Comparison of Equilibrium and Time dependent Chemistry (CP).- Evolutionary Models of Interstellar Chemistry (RP).- Astrochemistry of Interstellar Clouds: II. Molecular Formation in a Contracting Cloud (CP).- Chemistry in Shocked Interstellar Gas (RP).- New Interstellar Molecular Detections: Implications for "Shock Chemistry" (CP).- Interstellar Shocked Region Chemistry Certain Reactions between Interstellar Molecules and O and N Atoms (CP).- Effects of Nonthermal Internal Energy on Postshock Oxygen Chemistry (CP).- Chemistry in Interstellar Hydroxyl Maser Regions (RP).- The Relationship of OH and H2O Masers to the H II Regions in Cep A (CP).- The Nitrogen Chemistry in Interstellar Clouds (IP).- Deuterated Molecules in Interstellar Clouds (IP).- A Survey of the Yellow-Red Interstellar Diffuse Spectrum Lines (CP).- The Role of Metallicity and H2 in Star Formation in the Galaxy (CP).- Dusty Knots in Supernova Remnants (CP).- Circumstellar Shells.- Infrared Observations of Circumstellar Molecules (RP).- The Distribution of Molecular Hydrogen in Planetary Nebulae (CP).- Observational Constraints on Silicon Chemistry in the Circumstellar Envelopes of Red Giants (CP).- Evidence for a 12 Micron Water-ice Absorption Band in the IRAS LRS Spectra of Protostars and Late type Stars (CP).- Radio and Millimeter Observations of Circumstellar Envelopes (RP).- Circumstellar Chemistry : Theoretical Studies (RP).- Masers in Circumstellar Shells (RP).- The Effects of Chromospheric Radiation on the Circumstellar Chemistry of Evolved Stars (RP).- Stellar Atmospheres.- High-Resolution 3?m Spectroscopy of Extreme Carbon Stars (CP).- Oxygen Abundance in Normal and Peculiar B and A Type Stars (CP).- Abundance Determination in Wolf-Rayet Stars (CP).- Chemistry in Stellar Atmospheres: Theoretical Studies and Comparison with Observations (RP).- The Computation of Molecular Abundances and Opacities in the Atmospheres of Late-Type stars (CP).- Detection of Unresolved Circumstellar Lines in Stellar Infrared Spectra and Discovery of Quasi-Static Molecular Envelope Around Red Giant Stars (IP).- Comets.- Observations of Molecules in Comets (RP).- Are there Diagnostic Spectral Features of Irradiated Cometary Ices? (CP).- Reflectance Properties of Irradiated Simulated Cometary Ices (CP).- Observations of the HCN Molecule in Cornet Halley (CP).- Chemico-Physical Models of Cometary Atmospheres (RP).- Molecules in Comets: A Tool to Estimate the Low Energy Cosmic Ray Flux Outside the Solar System? (CP).- Excitation Mechanism of Cometary Lines (RP).- Excitation Processes in Cometary Comae (IP).- Isotopic Abundances in Comets (RP).- Meteorites.- The Planetary and Interstellar Components of Meteorites: A Review (RP).- Primitive Matter in Meteorites (IP).- Effects of s-Process Branchings on Stellar and Meteoritic Abundances (CP).- Evidence for the Presence of Pre-Solar Grains in Iron Meteorites (CP).- Compositional Trends in Chondrules from Unequilibrated Enstatite Chondrite, Parsa (CP).- Grains.- Basic Laboratory Studies of Grains (RP).- Laboratory Spectra of 10 K Ices: A Comparison with some Astronomical Spectra (IP).- The Role of Grains in Interstellar Chemistry (RP).- Desorption Mechanism of Gases from Interstellar Grains and PAH Molecules (IP).- Chemical Properties of Interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Molecules (CP).- The Role of Dust in Circumstellar Chemistry (RP).- New Observational Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Results on Several IRAS Sources with Emission Features (CP).- Identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (CP).- Condensation and Molecular Abundances in Stellar Atmospheres (IP).- Chemical Composition of Cometary Ice and Grain, and Origin of Comets (RP).- Astrochemistry - A Summary.- Observations of Molecules in Stellar Atmospheres - Chemistry near Thermal Equilibrium (RP) [Received too late for proper incorporation and indexing]..- Source Index.- Index of Chemical Species.

ISBN: 9789027723604
ISBN-10: 9027723605
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 613
Published: 30th November 1986
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.28
Weight (kg): 0.89

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